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meirbon / Dell XPS 15 9560 Manjaro Setup instructions
Last active May 13, 2024 02:39
Small, quick guide to set up Manjaro on the XPS 15 9560
# 1. First of all of course get Manjaro:
# I recommend using Etcher to copy the image to your USB:
# 2. Before installing make sure:
# - Secure boot is disabled in BIOS
# - Your SSD, HDD or NVME drive is set to AHCI instead of RAID
# - Fastboot should be on Auto or minimal, but this shouldn't matter to much
wvengen /
Last active April 22, 2024 14:02
Extend non-HiDPI external display above HiDPI internal display
# extend non-HiDPI external display on DP* above HiDPI internal display eDP*
# see also
# you may run into
EXT=`xrandr --current | sed 's/^\(.*\) connected.*$/\1/p;d' | grep -v ^eDP | head -n 1`
INT=`xrandr --current | sed 's/^\(.*\) connected.*$/\1/p;d' | grep -v ^DP | head -n 1`
ext_w=`xrandr | sed 's/^'"${EXT}"' [^0-9]* \([0-9]\+\)x.*$/\1/p;d'`
anonymous / gist:8565929
Created January 22, 2014 19:42
There are a lot of complaints going around about Laravel these days, but a lot
of the important ones seem to be missing from the spotlight.
Bugfixes, issues and pull requests being left open for months with no
clarification of intent: