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luke-jr / pluggable-softforks.txt
Created Aug 8, 2017
Making Bitcoin softforks pluggable
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[bitcoin-dev] Making soft forks pluggable
[Friday, October 09, 2015] [8:50:48 AM] <Luke-Jr> CodeShark: btw, I was thinking of the softfork plugin thing a bit ago also, so sounds good to me :P
[Friday, October 09, 2015] [8:50:57 AM] <CodeShark> :)
[Friday, October 09, 2015] [8:51:14 AM] <Luke-Jr> maybe harder than it seems though in practice
[Friday, October 09, 2015] [8:52:04 AM] <CodeShark> I have some ideas for how to do it...but if we're going to be doing a bunch of refactors after 0.12 is released, I figure this is a good area on which to focus :)
[Friday, October 09, 2015] [8:53:24 AM] <CodeShark> we don't want to have to backport each individual soft fork perpetually...and it might actually be easier to backport the plugin thing
[Friday, October 09, 2015] [8:53:57 AM] <aj> be easier to backport pluggable soft forks once the plugin thing exists too, presumably
[Friday, October 09, 2015] [8:54:14 AM] <CodeShark> yes, of
import sys
sizes = []
count = 0
for line in sys.stdin:
fields = line.split()
tx_count = int(fields[3])
if tx_count < 16:
luke-jr / segwit_equiv_hack.diff
Created May 5, 2017
Include segwit equivalent max size in RPC getblock
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diff --git a/src/rpc/blockchain.cpp b/src/rpc/blockchain.cpp
index a1cb89c..63fe757 100644
--- a/src/rpc/blockchain.cpp
+++ b/src/rpc/blockchain.cpp
@@ -102,6 +102,26 @@ UniValue blockToJSON(const CBlock& block, const CBlockIndex* blockindex, bool tx
result.push_back(Pair("strippedsize", (int)::GetSerializeSize(block, SER_NETWORK, PROTOCOL_VERSION | SERIALIZE_TRANSACTION_NO_WITNESS)));
result.push_back(Pair("size", (int)::GetSerializeSize(block, SER_NETWORK, PROTOCOL_VERSION)));
result.push_back(Pair("weight", (int)::GetBlockWeight(block)));
+ {
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5872 subdir_incl_compat ccb99ec
2241 sys_leveldb 588aaa1
5416 sys_libsecp256k1 799461d
5618 separate_utils e49de13
7339 opt_libevent
7349 sys_univalue_opt
~7142 travis_qt4_nolibevent
7192 single_prodname
? svgs
luke-jr / bip-n2
Created Apr 24, 2015
*Dead* BIP idea: Growing Nonce2 in Header
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DISCLAIMER: I do not intend to submit this as a BIP, nor do I consider it a good idea at this time. Please note hardforks are not something miners have any particular say in, despite any implication in this dead writeup. I am posting the gist here only because someone wanted to see it.
BIP: ?
Title: Growing Nonce2 in Header
Author: Luke Dashjr <>
Status: Draft
Type: Standards Track
Created: 2015-02-12
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  BIP: 2
  Title: A finite monetary supply for Bitcoin
  Author: Pieter Wuille <>
  Status: Draft
  Type: Standards Track
  Created: 896 Suvenary 


St. Barbara's Faithfully Glorified Mining Initiative Naturally Exceeding Rivals
or Basically a Freaking Good Miner
This is a multi-threaded multi-pool ASIC, FPGA, GPU and CPU miner with dynamic
clocking, monitoring, and fanspeed support for bitcoin. Do not use on multiple
block chains at the same time!
This code is provided entirely free of charge by the programmer in his spare
time so donations would be greatly appreciated. Please consider donating to the
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diff --git a/ b/
index d675d73..5453f99 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is also the name of the open source
software which enables the use of this currency.
For more information, as well as an immediately useable, binary version of
-the Bitcoin client sofware, see
+the Bitcoin client software, see
luke-jr / leveldb-1.12.diff
Last active Dec 21, 2015
Diff from current Bitcoin master (Ripple LevelDB 1.12 fork) to Bitcoin 1.7 fork merged with upstream LevelDB 1.12
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diff --git a/.gitignore b/.gitignore
index 55ba072..71d87a4 100644
--- a/.gitignore
+++ b/.gitignore
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@