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With v22.0, we changed a few parts referencing a number of gigabytes, with the assumption that anything referring to "0 GB", "1 GB", "2 GB", "10 GB", "1000 GB", and so on are always translated the same in every language. Specifically, the strings affected at this time are "%n GB of free space available", "(of %n GB needed)", and "(%n GB needed for full chain)"
Reviewing actual translations prior to the change, however, it appears that may not be the case. In some languages, "1 GB" was preferred to use a non-digit number (eg, "one", "un", or such), and others appear to use different words around the amount. Not being familiar with any of these languages, I am not sure if these were intentional differences, or translator mistakes.
Please contact me if you are aware of any language(s) that would benefit from being able to translate these or similar messages differently based on the number of GB referenced. Even if there is an inferior "count-neutral" translation possible, if being able to have it count-specific improves the translation, still reach out.
Additionally, I would prefer to hear unconditionally from at least one translator for each of Bulgarian, Catalan, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, and Silesian. Please review the old translations on GitHub and let me know if they are relevant or unimportant differences:
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