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Luke Bakken lukebakken

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jdavid82 / .vimrc
Last active Oct 30, 2022
vim settings for full stack C# development in Windows 10
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"Allow project specific .vimrc execution
set exrc
"no backup files
set nobackup
"only in case you don't want a backup file while editing
set nowritebackup
"no swap files
lukebakken /
Last active Oct 20, 2019
RabbitMQ / MQTT TCP Tuning


    {rabbit, [
        {background_gc_enabled, true},
        {background_gc_target_interval, 60000},
        {tcp_listeners, [5672]},
        {num_tcp_acceptors, 10},
        {connection_max, infinity},
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Originally from:
For a safe and fast Erlang SSL server, there's a few
configuration values you might want by default:
[{ciphers, CipherList}, % see below
{honor_cipher_order, true}, % pick the server-defined order of ciphers
{secure_renegotiate, true}, % prevent renegotiation hijacks
{client_renegotiation, false}, % prevent clients DoSing w/ renegs
{versions, ['tlsv1.2', 'tlsv1.1']}, % add tlsv1 if you must
lukebakken / .gitignore
Last active Oct 10, 2017
Erlang RSS Memory
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subfuzion /
Last active Jan 16, 2023
vim/neovim configuration

I recently switched over to neovim (see my screenshots at the bottom). Below is my updated config file.

It's currently synchronized with my .vimrc config except for a block of neovim-specific terminal key mappings.

This is still a work in progress (everyone's own config is always a labor of love), but I'm already extremely pleased with how well this is working for me with neovim. While terminal mode isn't enough to make me stop using tmux, it is quite good and I like having it since it simplifies my documentation workflow for yanking terminal output to paste in a markdown buffer.

These days I primarily develop in Go. I'm super thrilled and grateful for fatih/vim-go,

lehoff / pb_decode.erl
Created Oct 5, 2016
Potentially more efficient PB decoding
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%% existing code
d_msg_rpberrorresp(Bin, TrUserData) ->
dfp_read_field_def_rpberrorresp(Bin, 0, 0,
id(undefined, TrUserData),
id(undefined, TrUserData), TrUserData).
djaiss / gist:85a0ada83e6bca68e41e
Last active Dec 27, 2022
Block Twitter/Facebook in your /etc/hosts
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# Block Facebook IPv4
hrchu / 99-network-tuning.conf
Last active Aug 28, 2022 — forked from kgriffs/sysctl.conf
Linux Web Server Kernel Tuning
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# Configuration file for runtime kernel parameters.
# See sysctl.conf(5) for more information.
# See also for
# an explanation about some of these parameters, and instructions for
# a few other tweaks outside this file.
# See evil packets in your logs.
net.ipv4.conf.all.log_martians = 1
bsparrow435 /
Last active Mar 29, 2021
Get/Put path walk through