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Last active Aug 10, 2018
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Lojban words for cultures based on ISO country codes

Lojban words for cultures based on ISO country codes

Many Lojbanists dislike the cultural gismu: merko, fraso, gento, etc. If some cultures get them, and others do not, they’re very direct evidence that Lojban doesn’t treat all cultures the same way, violating one of its own foundational principles (cultural neutrality)!

On the experimental rafsi page, a new system involving the rafsi -goi- is proposed:

-goi- is a proposed special rafsi, modifying the previous rafsi to indicate “cultural rafsi”. This allows rafsi with existing assignments to also be assigned to a culture, giving more space for each major culture to get a rafsi. e.g. -sfegoi- might be able to represent sfe'ero (Swedish), despite -sfe- already being assigned to sefta. In another part of this proposal, existing cultural rafsi will also be reassigned to also use -goi-, so as to be more culturally neutral.

Spheniscine made some suggested reassignments of the existing culture words to goi-lujvo. However, these are ad-hoc assignments based on the existing gismu, not made according to an algorithm.

Another existing solution is the gugdebubu series of words: fu'ivla created from gugde + an ISO 2-letter country code (here BB stands for Barbados). However, these words are quite lengthy and all share the same two consonants, which makes them sound a little silly (in my opinion).

Nobody seems to like either solution enough to apply it in practice. Tah-dah! I made a third one.

My solution

I tried to combine these solutions into a list of goi words for all ISO 2-letter country codes. In writing an algorithm that maps them as intuitively as possible, I had the idea that it doesn’t matter so much if the words are lujvo or zi'evla! And if they are zi'evla, then they can end in koi if it helps pronunciation.

For example, my word for the United States culture (code US) is uskoi. It’s the same length as merko, and immediately memorable. French is fergoi, Polish is pelgoi, Japanese is jepygoi. It works pretty well!

Also, the way I picked these words guarantees that you can append gu'e (to get the country word) and ru'u (to get the currency) while still maintaining valid Lojban words, like uskoigu'e (the United States) or uskoiru'u (US dollars).

Here’s the algorithm, in pseudocode:

  1. If the second letter is W:
    1. Return first letter (if not a vowel) + aurgoi.
  2. Else, we continue. Compute the string β as follows:   1. If the second letter is one of AEHIOQUY, then β is respectively 'ar, 'er, 'aur, 'ir, 'or, kr, 'ur, 'air. Otherwise, β is the second letter itself.
  3. Now, if the first letter is one of AEIOUWY, make a zi'evla:
    1. Let α be ue if the first letter is W; ie if it’s Y, or else the first letter itself.
    2. Let γ be skoi if β ends in x; koi if it ends in one of cfkpst; rgoi if it ends in g; or else goi.
  4. Otherwise, make a lujvo:
    1. Let α be xu if the first letter is H; ku if it’s Q, or else the first letter itself plus e.
    2. Let γ be ygoi if β ends in cfkpstxg, else goi.
  5. Return aβγ concatenated.

Here are all the results:

AC ackoi     Ascension                                          
AD adgoi     Andorra                                            
AE a'ergoi   United Arab Emirates                               
AF afkoi     Afghanistan                                        
AG agrgoi    Antigua and Barbuda                                
AI a'irgoi   Anguilla                                           
AL algoi     Albania                                            
AM amgoi     Armenia                                            
AN angoi     Netherlands Antilles                               
AO a'orgoi   Angola                                             
AQ akrgoi    Antarctica
AR argoi     Argentina                                          
AS askoi     American Samoa                                     
AT atkoi     Austria                                            
AU a'urgoi   Australia                             
AW aurgoi    Aruba                                              
AX axskoi    Aland                                              
AZ azgoi     Azerbaijan                                         
AZ azgoi     Nagorno-Karabakh                                   
BA be'argoi  Bosnia and Herzegovina                             
BB bebgoi    Barbados                                           
BD bedgoi    Bangladesh                                         
BE be'ergoi  Belgium                                            
BF befygoi   Burkina Faso                                       
BG begygoi   Bulgaria                                           
BH be'aurgoi Bahrain                                            
BI be'irgoi  Burundi                                            
BJ bejgoi    Benin                                              
BM bemgoi    Bermuda                                            
BN bengoi    Brunei                                             
BO be'orgoi  Bolivia                                            
BR bergoi    Brazil                                             
BS besygoi   Bahamas, The                                       
BT betygoi   Bhutan                                             
BV bevgoi    Bouvet Island                                      
BW baurgoi   Botswana                                           
BY be'airgoi Belarus                                            
BZ bezgoi    Belize                                             
CA ce'argoi  Canada                                             
CC cecygoi   Cocos (Keeling) Islands                            
CD cedgoi    Congo-Kinshasa
CF cefygoi   Central African Republic                           
CG cegygoi   Congo-Brazzaville)                      
CH ce'aurgoi Switzerland                                        
CI ce'irgoi  Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)                        
CK cekygoi   Cook Islands                                       
CL celgoi    Chile                                              
CM cemgoi    Cameroon                                           
CN cengoi    China, People's Republic of                        
CO ce'orgoi  Colombia                                           
CR cergoi    Costa Rica                                         
CU ce'urgoi  Cuba                                               
CV cevgoi    Cape Verde                                         
CX cexygoi   Christmas Island                                   
CY ce'airgoi Cyprus                                             
CY ce'airgoi Northern Cyprus                                    
CZ cezgoi    Czech Republic                                     
DE de'ergoi  Germany                                            
DJ dejgoi    Djibouti                                           
DK dekygoi   Denmark                                            
DM demgoi    Dominica                                           
DO de'orgoi  Dominican Republic                                 
DZ dezgoi    Algeria                                            
EC eckoi     Ecuador                                            
EE e'ergoi   Estonia                                            
EG egrgoi    Egypt                                              
ER ergoi     Eritrea                                            
ES eskoi     Spain                                              
ET etkoi     Ethiopia                                           
FI fe'irgoi  Finland                                            
FJ fejgoi    Fiji                                               
FK fekygoi   Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)                  
FM femgoi    Micronesia                                         
FO fe'orgoi  Faroe Islands                                      
FR fergoi    France                                             
GA ge'argoi  Gabon                                              
GB gebgoi    United Kingdom                                     
GD gedgoi    Grenada                                            
GE ge'ergoi  Georgia
GF gefygoi   French Guiana                                      
GG gegygoi   Guernsey                                           
GH ge'aurgoi Ghana                                              
GI ge'irgoi  Gibraltar                                          
GL gelgoi    Greenland                                          
GM gemgoi    Gambia, The                                        
GN gengoi    Guinea                                             
GP gepygoi   GuadeloupeSaint Martin                                       
GQ gekrgoi   Equatorial Guinea                                  
GR gergoi    Greece                                             
GS gesygoi   South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands             
GT getygoi   Guatemala                                          
GU ge'urgoi  Guam                                               
GW gaurgoi   Guinea-Bissau                                      
GY ge'airgoi Guyana                                             
HK xukygoi   Hong Kong                                          
HM xumgoi    Heard Island and McDonald Islands                  
HN xungoi    Honduras                                           
HR xurgoi    Croatia                                            
HT xutygoi   Haiti                                              
HU xu'urgoi  Hungary                                            
ID idgoi     Indonesia                                          
IE i'ergoi   Ireland                                            
IL ilgoi     Israel                                             
IM imgoi     Isle of Man                                        
IN ingoi     India                                              
IO i'orgoi   British Indian Ocean Territory                     
IQ ikrgoi    Iraq                                               
IR irgoi     Iran                                               
IS iskoi     Iceland                                            
IT itkoi     Italy                                              
JE je'ergoi  Jersey                                             
JM jemgoi    Jamaica                                            
JO je'orgoi  Jordan                                             
JP jepygoi   Japan                                              
KE ke'ergoi  Kenya                                              
KG kegygoi   Kyrgyzstan                                         
KH ke'aurgoi Cambodia                                           
KI ke'irgoi  Kiribati                                           
KM kemgoi    Comoros                                            
KN kengoi    Saint Kitts and Nevis                              
KP kepygoi   Korea, North                                       
KR kergoi    Korea, South                                       
KW kaurgoi   Kuwait                                             
KY ke'airgoi Cayman Islands                                     
KZ kezgoi    Kazakhstan                                         
LA le'argoi  Laos                                               
LB lebgoi    Lebanon                                            
LC lecygoi   Saint Lucia                                        
LI le'irgoi  Liechtenstein                                      
LK lekygoi   Sri Lanka                                          
LR lergoi    Liberia                                            
LS lesygoi   Lesotho                                            
LT letygoi   Lithuania                                          
LU le'urgoi  Luxembourg                                         
LV levgoi    Latvia                                             
LY le'airgoi Libya                                              
MA me'argoi  Morocco                                            
MC mecygoi   Monaco                                             
MD medgoi    Moldova
ME me'ergoi  Montenegro                                         
MG megygoi   Madagascar                                         
MH me'aurgoi Marshall Islands                                   
MK mekygoi   Macedonia                                          
ML melgoi    Mali                                               
MM memgoi    Myanmar (Burma)                                    
MN mengoi    Mongolia                                           
MO me'orgoi  Macau                                              
MP mepygoi   Northern Mariana Islands                           
MQ mekrgoi   Martinique                                         
MR mergoi    Mauritania                                         
MS mesygoi   Montserrat                                         
MT metygoi   Malta                                              
MU me'urgoi  Mauritius                                          
MV mevgoi    Maldives                                           
MW maurgoi   Malawi                                             
MX mexygoi   Mexico                                             
MY me'airgoi Malaysia                                           
MZ mezgoi    Mozambique                                         
NA ne'argoi  Namibia                                            
NC necygoi   New Caledonia                                      
NE ne'ergoi  Niger                                              
NF nefygoi   Norfolk Island                                     
NG negygoi   Nigeria                                            
NI ne'irgoi  Nicaragua                                          
NL nelgoi    Netherlands                                        
NO ne'orgoi  Norway                                             
NP nepygoi   Nepal                                              
NR nergoi    Nauru                                              
NU ne'urgoi  Niue                                               
NZ nezgoi    New Zealand                                        
OM omgoi     Oman                                               
PA pe'argoi  Panama                                             
PE pe'ergoi  Peru                                               
PF pefygoi   French Polynesia                                   
PG pegygoi   Papua New Guinea                                   
PH pe'aurgoi Philippines                                        
PK pekygoi   Pakistan                                           
PL pelgoi    Poland                                             
PM pemgoi    Saint Pierre and Miquelon                          
PN pengoi    Pitcairn Islands                                   
PR pergoi    Puerto Rico                                        
PT petygoi   Portugal                                           
PW paurgoi   Palau                                              
PY pe'airgoi Paraguay                                           
QA ku'argoi  Qatar                                              
RE re'ergoi  Reunion                                            
RO re'orgoi  Romania                                            
RS resygoi   Serbia                                             
RU re'urgoi  Russia                                             
RW raurgoi   Rwanda                                             
SA se'argoi  Saudi Arabia                                       
SB sebgoi    Solomon Islands                                    
SC secygoi   Seychelles                                         
SD sedgoi    Sudan                                              
SE se'ergoi  Sweden                                             
SG segygoi   Singapore                                          
SH se'aurgoi Saint Helena                                       
SI se'irgoi  Slovenia                                           
SJ sejgoi    Svalbard                                           
SK sekygoi   Slovakia                                           
SL selgoi    Sierra Leone                                       
SM semgoi    San Marino                                         
SN sengoi    Senegal                                            
SO se'orgoi  Somalia                                            
SO se'orgoi  Somaliland                                         
SR sergoi    Suriname                                           
ST setygoi   Sao Tome and Principe                              
SV sevgoi    El Salvador                                        
SY se'airgoi Syria                                              
SZ sezgoi    Swaziland                                          
TA te'argoi  Tristan da Cunha                                   
TC tecygoi   Turks and Caicos Islands                           
TD tedgoi    Chad                                               
TF tefygoi   French Southern and Antarctic Lands                
TG tegygoi   Togo                                               
TH te'aurgoi Thailand                                           
TJ tejgoi    Tajikistan                                         
TK tekygoi   Tokelau                                            
TL telgoi    Timor-Leste (East Timor)                           
TM temgoi    Turkmenistan                                       
TN tengoi    Tunisia                                            
TO te'orgoi  Tonga                                              
TR tergoi    Turkey                                             
TT tetygoi   Trinidad and Tobago                                
TV tevgoi    Tuvalu                                             
TW taurgoi   China, Republic of (Taiwan)                        
TZ tezgoi    Tanzania                                           
UA u'argoi   Ukraine                                            
UG ugrgoi    Uganda                                             
UM umgoi     United States Minor Outlying Islands                                        
US uskoi     United States                                      
UY u'airgoi  Uruguay                                            
UZ uzgoi     Uzbekistan                                         
VA ve'argoi  Vatican City                                       
VC vecygoi   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines                   
VE ve'ergoi  Venezuela                                          
VG vegygoi   British Virgin Islands                             
VI ve'irgoi  U.S. Virgin Islands                                
VN vengoi    Vietnam                                            
VU ve'urgoi  Vanuatu                                            
WF uefkoi    Wallis and Futuna                                  
WS ueskoi    Samoa                                              
YE ie'ergoi  Yemen                                              
YT ietkoi    Mayotte                                            
ZA ze'argoi  South Africa                                       
ZM zemgoi    Zambia                                             
ZW zaurgoi   Zimbabwe                                           
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