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Erlang online resources

This is not intended to be comprehensive or authoritative, just free online resources I've found valuable while learning more about Erlang.

Similar lists




Mailing lists





General FP(ish) exercises

Collections of conference videos

Alternative VMs

Alternative languages targeting the Erlang VM

Erlang(-like) environments on the JVM

Other Actor implementations

HiPE (High Performance Erlang)

Erlang-heavy blogs

Software patterns

Actor patterns (currently only Akka resources)

Similar research topics




Actor model (and similar)

Process calculus

Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP)



Slide decks

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I am creating a website like but for erlang. I will copy some links from this gist. You can check my progress on:

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vhf commented May 6, 2014

Hi, author here. Yep we have some Erlang content. Please free to add some more.

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eao197 commented Feb 3, 2016

Hi! I have found your list searching Google for "actor model C++". I think the list of actor model implementations for C++ can be extended. There are not only CAF but also:
Just::Thread Pro
These frameworks are live and still involve but not as famous as CAF. And I think that QP is much more stable and much more widely used.

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Thanks @eao197, have added SObjectizer and QP, but not Just::Thread Pro since it doesn't fall under the rubric of "free" online resources.

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Awesome work on this list of resources, my only pledge it's give Lua some love luerl not some inspired sintax it's the real thing, Lua inside the BEAM VM! (=

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@jchassoul Done, thanks

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