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mapreduce using mongodb and mongoose
var mongoose = require('mongoose');
// map function
var map = function(){
emit(this.field_to_group_by, {
other_fields: this.other_fields
// list other fields like above to select them
// reduce function
var reduce = function(key, values){
return {
other_fields: values[0].other_fields,
// list other fields like above to select them
// here i am returning values[0] because the fields are already sorted
// write your reduce logic here
// condition
var query = {
'field_1' : req.body.field_1,
'field_2' : req.body.field_2,
'date_field' : new Date(req.body.date_field),
'field_3' : { $lte : req.body.field_3 },
'bool_field': true
// map-reduce command
var command = {
mapreduce: "collection_name", // the name of the collection we are map-reducing
map: map.toString(), // a function for mapping
reduce: reduce.toString(), // a function for reducing
query: query, // filter conditions
sort: {field_3: 1}, // sorting on field_3 (also makes the reducing process faster)
out: {inline: 1} // doesn't create a new collection, includes the result in the output obtained
// execute map-reduce command
mongoose.connection.db.executeDbCommand(command, function(err, dbres) {
if(err) throw err;
// restrict the results to 15 (you can restrict to any number you want)
dbres.documents[0].results.splice(14, dbres.documents[0].results.length-15)
// sort the map-reduced results on field_3
var sortedResults = dbres.documents[0].results.sort(function(current, next){
return current.value.field_3 - next.value.field_3
var finalGroupedResult = [];
// clean up the results returned by mapreduce
sortedResults.forEach(function(obj, index){
// render results page
res.render('view/path/to/render', {
title: 'Title of the page',
results: finalGroupedResult
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nod commented Jun 24, 2014

Out of curiosity - why don't you use Model.mapReduce(...) as seen here?

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afshinm commented Aug 15, 2014

@nod I think this document is out of update.

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renslaros commented Mar 30, 2017

sure is now...

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