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  1. After 3,000 protests and countless death threats, here’s what this activist wants you to know about fighting for justice
  2. Climate change is about how we treat each other
  3. Why the world can get worse by constantly saying it’s getting better
  4. 10 questions that explain the European Union’s migration policy
  5. What is deadly dull and can save the world? (Hint: you probably hate it)
  6. How I ended up in a scientific spat about migration figures and what I learned from it
  7. Trauma can be inherited. We need to understand what we’re passing on
  8. A neuroscientist’s guide to what happens in your brain when you feel guilt
  9. Science shows forgiveness really is a medicine
  10. The past is still present: why colonialism deserves better coverage
  11. How violence silently starts by rejecting other people’s identities
  12. I won’t debate you. Here’s why.
  13. Naming is a tool of power
  14. Men can be wives and women can be husbands. Here’s what that teaches us about gender today
  15. What racism really is (hint: it’s not your attitude or belief)
  16. Should women even want equality? And three other pressing questions for feminists today
  17. Forget romantic love. Let’s celebrate (and practise) a different kind of love instead
  18. Normality is in the eye of the beholder
  19. The stick figure on the door: unconscious ways we exclude each other
  20. Outgrowing growth: why quality of life, not GDP, should be our measure of success
  21. War of the words: how Europe is exporting its migration philosophy
  22. You’re reading this article because you’re smart (or is it the other way around?)
  23. Is privacy even the point?
  24. Borders don’t just keep people out. They define their worth
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