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Generative SuperCollider files containing random patterns
Generate SuperCollider file containing simple random pattern
// Time stamp
~stamp = Date.getDate.stamp;
// This goes in the duration key of the pattern
~dur = "Pseq(%)".format(Array.rand(10, 0.1,10.0));
// The degree key
~degree = "Pwhite(%, %)".format(10.rand2, 10.rand2);
// The actual string that will be written to the file
~patternString = "
// Pattern generated %
\dur, %,
\degree, %
).play".format(~stamp, ~dur, ~degree);
// Path + filename
~path = "~/code/sc/gen_pat%.scd".format(~stamp).standardizePath;
// Open a file
~file = File(~path, "w");
// Write to it
"Writing % to file %".format(~string, ~path).postln;
// Close the file
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