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makyo / oldelf.vim
Created May 17, 2022
Old elflord colorscheme
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" local syntax file - set colors on a per-machine basis:
" vim: tw=0 ts=4 sw=4
" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Madison Scott-Clary <>
" Last Change: 2022 May 16
" A recent update to Vim's color schemes wrecked a bunch of existing colors.
" This is the old version of elflord, far less garish and doesn't touch the
" background color.
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makyo /
Last active Feb 3, 2022
Markdown footnotes in Hugo Shortcodes

I needed footnotes within a shortcode that utilized HTML. Theoretically, that is what {{% style shortcodes are for, but they don't work with a subset of markdown, notably footnotes. In order to get around that, it turns out that you need to use printf to print the HTML tags, as that takes place in the postprocessor. Thanks to Nelis Oostens for the tip, but as I'll be using this in multiple sites with different themes, I wanted it easy to just snag.

makyo /
Last active Mar 19, 2021
Thurston Howl Publicatoins/Bound Tales reading list for 2020


Anthologies and stories

(Even) Furries Hate Nazis

  • The Battler—Cedric G! Bacon
  • An Incident At Demansk Station—Stephanie Park
  • Nazis Should Never Be Normal—Nathan Hopp
  • Firesale—Laura Hinkle
  • The Scent of Oak—Alexander Patterson
while read line; do
words=`echo "$line" | wc -w`
if [ $words -gt 0 ]; then
bytes=`espeak "$line" --stdout | wc --bytes`
seconds=`python -c "print(float($bytes) / 44000.0)"`
echo "$line"
import math
import random
import sys
from utils import block, clearpage
class cell:
def __init__(self, text, sides=3, iter=3, max=20, delay=0, jitter=0.0):
self.text = text
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st *Well, shit.*
st Winter trudged heavily through the piles of dead leaves lining the gutter, the lynx's broad paws crunching through them. There was a sidewalk, but this wasn't a mood for sidewalks. This wasn't a mood for keeping clean, staying out of the way. This was a proper sulk.
st She pulled her phone out for the umpteenth time and thumbed at the screen, tapping out yet another message to Katrin that she wouldn't send. Deleted message. Put phone away.
st A low growl started in her chest, rose, crescendoed, and she let out a brief yell. No words, just a vent of frustration. Birds startled from the tree beside her.
st It didn't help.

"Alright, bid phase."

Kira scowled down at their hand, their pile of tokens in ones and fives, and listened to the bids go around the table. Once moe, when the bid reached them, they were out of their price range. They had the cash, but not if they still wanted to purchase the ornithopter card down the line.

"Pass," they grumbled.


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