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Thurston Howl Publicatoins/Bound Tales reading list for 2020


Anthologies and stories

(Even) Furries Hate Nazis

  • The Battler—Cedric G! Bacon
  • An Incident At Demansk Station—Stephanie Park
  • Nazis Should Never Be Normal—Nathan Hopp
  • Firesale—Laura Hinkle
  • The Scent of Oak—Alexander Patterson
  • The Silver Eagle—J. Daniel Phillips
  • No Mercy—Jelliqal Belle
  • Resist—Alison Cybe

Difursity Vol. 1

  • In Better Times—MikasiWolf
  • Vietnamized—Allison Thai
  • No Substitutes Allowed—Lauren Stoker
  • Where the Souls Go—MikasiWolf
  • Rekindling—Al Song


  • Waggy—TJ Minde
  • The Familiar—Linnea “LiteralGrill” Capps
  • Deference of Shining Joy—Al Song
  • What You Really Want—Thiger
  • Good Boy—Faolan
  • The Wingman’s Pup—Jaden Drackus
  • The Competition—Thomas “Faux” Steele

The Electric Sewer

  • Electric Groove—Thomas “Faux” Steele
  • A Fat Jackrabbit and Other Bargain Oddities Based On A True Story—Nikkolas James
  • The Jack—Cedric G! Bacon
  • The Glow—Linnea “LiteralGrill” Capps
  • Not Enough—Thiger
  • Sharp—Thurston Howl

The Haunted Den

  • The Well—Anastasia Spinet
  • The Road to Kyoto—Alison Cybe
  • Postmortem Plundering—Ferric
  • Saturn in the Sky—Will Sidel
  • Snowblind—Robert Shelters
  • Old Callow House—Nathaniel “LeCount” Edwards
  • The Buccaneer’s Bay—Nathan Hopp


  • The Wish of the World—Charles Michael Averin
  • Red Skies—Miles Reaver
  • The Hunger Moon—Jelliqal Belle
  • Kingdom For A Heart—Faolan
  • The Virgin Sea—Thurston Howl
  • Silencing An Outcry—Alice Clawford
  • Remember When We Used To Play—Cedric G! Bacon
  • The Last Lament of Junkyard Jones—Jelliqal Belle
  • Belphegor’s Prime—Searska Greyraven
  • Ancient Infections—Joel Kreissman
  • Faint Memories—Rayah
  • One Night Stand—Patrick D. Lambert
  • Having What You Want—WhiteClaw

Howloween 1

  • Willful Assumption of Chains—Al Song
  • Cherry Red on Pumpkin Hill—Richard Coombs
  • Shockingly Straight—Ferric
  • Good Girls Get Treats—Faolan
  • Venus In White—Cedric G! Bacon
  • Gently Kept—Royce Day

SPECIES: Wildcats

  • Wanderlust—Cedric G! Bacon
  • The Corvette Nedra—Sonriah Thais
  • On the Hunt—Ferric the Bird
  • What It Means to Be Loved—Isa al-Ramad
  • Fathers to Sons—MikasiWolf
  • In Search of the City Below—Thurston Howl
  • The Night the Stars Fells—KC Alpinus
  • Ember In The Night—BanWynn Oakshadow

Sensory De-Tails

  • Paths—Kyell Gold
  • These Are The Days Of Our Lives—Weasel
  • Violets—Joel Kreissman
  • Filthy Coyote—Shoji
  • The Things We Do—Tarl “Voice” Hoch
  • Black, White, Red—Kuroko
  • The Spirits of the Wood—Nathaniel “LeCount” Edwards
  • Blind as a Bat—Jay Stoat
  • Symphonic Completion—Al Song
  • Titillating Trivia—Linnea “LiteralGrill” Capps
  • Tasteful Education—Patrick D. Lambert


  • Whip & Boot—Herr Wozzeck
  • Fire Branded Leather—F. Gibbs
  • Cold Trailing—F. Gibbs
  • North By The Rose—M.A. Packer
  • GENMOS: Crossroads—Stephen Coghlan
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