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manueldev / gist:f80dc516ee861c21d11b910110025b3d
Last active Apr 17, 2020
Generar gráficos de niveles de señal para las conexiones de Internet provistas por VTR con el router ARRIS TG2492LG-NA
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Buscando una forma de identificar caídas de servicio de mi conexión de internet, di con un software de monitoreo de equipos: PRTG Network Monitor y con la api rest que da acceso a los valores SNMP del router. PRTG es gratuito hasta 100 sensores. Los sensores son tareas que monitorean un servicio, proceso, app, interfaz. Por ejemplo un ping. En este caso usaremos 4 sensores: power dbmv, snr db, pre rs errors, post rs errors.

Consideración importante: el software ocupa JAVA para correr, por lo tanto ocupa mucha cpu. Tener en cuenta el equipo donde se instalará.


La instalación es como cualquier otra app de windows. En un punto solicitará una licencia. Esta aparece en la pagina cuando está descargando el software.

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Responsive iframe solution.
When embedding iframes for content such as videos, most services like YouTube and Vimeo will provide you a snippet of code like the one below:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Notice I removed the frameborder attribute. If you’re using HTML5, that attribute is no longer supported.
First of all, remove the width and height attributes. Keeping those attributes forces the content to stay at that size regardless of the screen size. This causes problems in responsive layouts when the screen size is smaller than the width of the iframe. Though we could use CSS to force the size, why have them if their not being used — less code is beautiful code.
<iframe src="//" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Next, let’s add a container with a class around the iframe:
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## noip no-ip updater mikrotik behind nat
## read write policy test
# Set needed variables
:local username ""
:local password ""
:local hostname ""
:global dyndnsForce
:global previousIP
manueldev / gist:7c317d196da677c7c59dc636586b1e99
Last active Mar 20, 2020
Suffering with Windows 10 or Windows 10 Tricks for data limit usage
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manueldev / gist:1b4ebc0cc31a9815f705c6cfa2b8a715
Created Feb 19, 2020
install etherwake on edgerouter +2
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set system package repository stretch components 'main contrib non-free'
set system package repository stretch distribution stretch
set system package repository stretch url
commit ; save
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install etherwake
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netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=8001 connectport=80 connectaddress=
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for i in {70011..80000} ; do curl "$i"; sleep 2; done
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echo on
cd Ini
DEL /P "..\..\%%G\Ini\AdsMan_Columns.ini" "..\..\%%G\Ini\Announcers.ini"
DEL /P "..\..\%%G\Ini\BlockItems.ini" "..\..\%%G\Ini\BlockPositions.ini"
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fsutil behavior set SymlinkEvaluation R2R:1
fsutil behavior query SymlinkEvaluation
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