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Last active January 4, 2021 16:01
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Bangla Benchmark runs


Can these scores be improved? YES!

Rerunning with more training data, more epochs of training, or using other libraries to set a learning rate / other hyperparameters before training.

  • Experimenting with epochs - when I doubled the number of epochs, MuRIL improves only slightly (69.5->69.7 on one task)

The point of a benchmark is to run these models through a reasonable and identical process; you can tweak hyperparameters on any model to improve results.

Bolding #1 score and other models within 1 percentage point of winner:

Model +/- Sentiment Hate Speech News Topic
random 50.0 20.0 16.7
mBERT 68.1 52.3 72.3
Bangla-ELECTRA 69.2 31.0 82.3
Bangla-BERT 70.4 71.8 89.2
neuralspace-reverie 68.6 73.1 88.9
Indic-BERT 71.2 42.1 88.4
MuRIL 69.5 72.1 88.9

Revised hate speech csv / split

Model Hate Speech v2
random 16.7
mBERT 50.9
Bangla-ELECTRA 34.3
Bangla-BERT 69.1
neuralspace-reverie 76.3
Indic-BERT 59.1
MuRIL 62.0
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