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Last active January 1, 2023 09:58
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Tested with 10-bit mode on KDE on an M1 Pro.

  • 12:

    • 10-bit mode: 0..1023
    • 8-bit mode: 0..255
    • Likely native primaries
      • Actually seems to be P3?
  • 9:

    • 10-bit mode: 384..896 range for white, gamma looks normal.
    • 8-bit mode: 0..255 slightly wider than native gamut (reds clipped)
    • BT.2020 (with the bg-sRGB range in 10-bit mode)
  • Others:

    • 10-bit mode: Like 9, but with noticeably less saturated primaries at 896. With the extended range, reaches the same saturated primaries as 9,12.
    • 8-bit mode: almost certainly sRGB
    • Likely sRGB/bg-sRGB.

Transfer function

  • 16: HDR (PQ). Doesn't actually increase dynamic range in any way? Clips out at 50% (512) and also has more range devoted to dark/black colors.

  • Others: Normal SDR. Presumably the sRGB transfer function.

  • 1: BT.709? (not explicitly supported)

Fun thing: with HDR mode and "others" colorspace, pure green overflows the red channel beyond whatever negative saturation headroom they have, and it ends up wrapping around into yellow.

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