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Hector Martin marcan

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import tweepy, json, time, sys
auth = tweepy.OAuth1UserHandler(
<api keys here>
api = tweepy.API(auth)
d = json.loads(open(sys.argv[1]).read().split("=", 1)[1])
marcan /
Last active Oct 24, 2022
Asahi Linux patch stats
set -e
for i in $(git for-each-ref --format="%(refname:short)" refs/$ROOT/bits/); do
if git rev-parse --verify "$ROOT/bases/$name" &>/dev/null; then
marcan /
Last active Aug 21, 2022
Using systemd-boot with asahi

This is all preliminary and for experimentation only. You're on your own.

Make sure you're on asahi-dev and have your packages updated.

umount /boot/efi
mv /boot /boot.old
sed -i 's,/boot/efi,/boot,g' /etc/fstab
systemctl daemon-reload
mount /boot
marcan / CRCH35U31CIS_FP
Last active Jul 31, 2022
CRCH35U31CIS_FP HDD cage logs

Topology: VL822 hub + 4x ASM235CM (?) USB Gen2 - SATA bridges.

Tested with 4x WDC WD80EAZZ-00BKLB0 on an AMD X399 chipset.

~200MB/s from a single drive (this is about what the drive can do).

On a Gen1 port, I get ~400MB/s across all 4 drives. On a Gen2 port, ~800MB/s, give or take.

Power buttons power cycle the individual ASMedia controllers.

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var katescript = {
"author": "Hector Martin <>",
"license": "BSD",
"revision": 1,
"kate-version": "5.1",
"functions": ["furiTool"],
"actions": [
{ "function": "furiTool",
"name": "Insert Furigana",
"category": "Quick Coding",
marcan / apple-wifi-fw-manifest.txt
Created Dec 26, 2021
Firmware manifest for firmware extracted from macOS 12.0.1
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FILE brcm/,hawaii-YSBC-m-2.3.txt SHA256 de541e00d270f9281aae26e69b725726377a0a723ae6a2ad6f5fd5695ecf2bd9
FILE brcm/,hawaii-YSBC-m-2.5.txt SHA256 3534748e3002b261d9a762e6193151d6d6a96afe3a15e828740af609b5be250e
FILE brcm/,hawaii-YSBC-u-4.1.txt SHA256 58b46c15ff838c090ad368f7efd8c05b9987f512bed1593eae691fa115fe3d30
FILE brcm/,hawaii-YSBC-u-4.3.txt SHA256 45f9bc9979e3a56161a536a0bd93794ab7c145aef979669703f6a82f913923ae
FILE brcm/,hawaii.bin SHA256 da0c4591cbbd9a3c2b5b442eb8411d127a0f12272e334e30e57e9555ddd62606
FILE brcm/,hawaii.clm_blob SHA256 a0c2064e73343e0ce163899fd830a93675882ed7b6aad1685dfd522fae47b33c
FILE brcm/,hawaii.txcap_blob SHA256 017fafaf3d046aff93dda1108e3e5f15901e8d9175bf9e429827d4d45acffc3c
FILE brcm/,ekans-HRPN-m-5.1.txt SHA256 5fcf696134db0a446e9226680f6134ba97179fbc8e1c4d5d8a2c19794815bc72
View brcmfmac-do-not-release-d11-resets.patch
commit 71f7c79c7af817477e553103c9eb03926e12ada4
Author: Hector Martin <>
Date: Mon Dec 20 20:00:57 2021 +0900
brcmfmac: chip: Only disable D11 cores; handle an arbitrary number
At least on BCM4387, the D11 cores are held in reset on cold startup and
firmware expects to release reset itself. Just assert reset here and let
firmware deassert it. Premature deassertion causes weird
nondeterministic AXI errors on firmware startup.
View brcmfmac-binary-pmk.patch
commit e89c8eecc756600ec3dbf1fed73620592eae55af
Author: Hector Martin <>
Date: Mon Dec 20 19:15:58 2021 +0900
brcmfmac: cfg80211: Pass PMK in binary
Apparently the hex passphrase mechanism does not work on newer firmware.
(Does this need a feature flag?)
Signed-off-by: Hector Martin <>
# Solution to the challenge at
# Sample solution:
# Given an input base image, computes two derivative images that have different
# perceptual hashes, yet differ by only one pixel.
# Usage: <input.png> <output_a.png> <output_b.png>
# Licensed under the terms of the STRONGEST PUBLIC LICENSE, Draft 1:
import numpy, math
N = 32 # image size
M = 8 # number of DCT coefficients
def dcthash(data):
k = math.sqrt(2.0 / N)
dct_k = numpy.matrix([
[k * math.cos((math.pi / 2 / N) * y * (2 * x + 1)) for x in range(N)]
for y in range(M)