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Created December 22, 2011 04:05
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pyfoursquare Oauth
import foursquare
# == OAuth2 Authentication ==
# This mode of authentication is the required one for Foursquare
# The client id and client secret can be found on your application's Details
# page located at
client_id = ""
client_secret = ""
callback = ''
auth = foursquare.OauthHandler(client_id, client_secret, callback)
#First Redirect the user who wish to authenticate to.
#It will be create the authorization url for your app
auth_url = auth.get_authorization_url()
print 'Please authorize: ' + auth_url
#If the user accepts, it will be redirected back
#to your registered REDIRECT_URI.
#It will give you a code as
code = raw_input('The code: ').strip()
#Now your server will make a request for
#the access token. You can save this
#for future access for your app for this user
access_token = auth.get_access_token(code)
print 'Your access token is ' + access_token
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