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rofi configuration
! "Enabled modi" Set from: Default
! rofi.modi: window,run,ssh
! "Window width" Set from: Default
! rofi.width: 50
! "Number of lines" Set from: Default
! rofi.lines: 15
! "Number of columns" Set from: Default
! rofi.columns: 1
! "Font to use" Set from: Default
! rofi.font: mono 12
! "Color scheme for normal row" Set from: File
rofi.color-normal: #002b37, #819396, #003643, #008ed4, #ffffff
! "Color scheme for urgent row" Set from: File
rofi.color-urgent: #002b37, #da4281, #003643, #008ed4, #890661
! "Color scheme for active row" Set from: File
rofi.color-active: #002b37, #008ed4, #003643, #008ed4, #66c6ff
! "Color scheme window" Set from: File
rofi.color-window: #002b37, #002b37, #003642
! "Border width" Set from: Default
! 1
! "Location on screen" Set from: Default
! rofi.location: 0
! "Padding" Set from: Default
! rofi.padding: 5
! "Y-offset relative to location" Set from: Default
! rofi.yoffset: 0
! "X-offset relative to location" Set from: Default
! rofi.xoffset: 0
! "Always show number of lines" Set from: Default
! rofi.fixed-num-lines: true
! "Terminal to use" Set from: Default
! rofi.terminal: rofi-sensible-terminal
! "Ssh client to use" Set from: Default
! rofi.ssh-client: ssh
! "Ssh command to execute" Set from: Default
! rofi.ssh-command: {terminal} -e {ssh-client} {host}
! "Run command to execute" Set from: Default
! {cmd}
! "Command to get extra run targets" Set from: Default
! "Run command to execute that runs in shell" Set from: Default
! {terminal} -e {cmd}
! "Command executed on accep-entry-custom for window modus" Set from: Default
! rofi.window-command: xkill -id {window}
! "Disable history in run/ssh" Set from: Default
! rofi.disable-history: false
! "Use levenshtein sorting" Set from: Default
! rofi.levenshtein-sort: false
! "Set case-sensitivity" Set from: Default
! false
! "Cycle through the results list" Set from: Default
! rofi.cycle: true
! "Enable sidebar-mode" Set from: Default
! rofi.sidebar-mode: false
! "Row height (in chars)" Set from: Default
! 1
! "Enable auto select mode" Set from: Default
! false
! "Parse hosts file for ssh mode" Set from: Default
! rofi.parse-hosts: false
! "Parse known_hosts file for ssh mode" Set from: Default
! rofi.parse-known-hosts: true
! "Set the modi to combine in combi mode" Set from: Default
! rofi.combi-modi: window,run
! "Set the matching algorithm. (normal, regex, glob, fuzzy)" Set from: Default
! rofi.matching: normal
! "Tokenize input string" Set from: Default
! rofi.tokenize: true
! "Monitor id to show on" Set from: Default
! rofi.m: -5
! "Margin between rows" Set from: Default
! rofi.line-margin: 2
! "Padding within rows" Set from: Default
! rofi.line-padding: 1
! "Pre-set filter" Set from: Default
! rofi.filter:
! "Separator style (none, dash, solid)" Set from: File
rofi.separator-style: solid
! "Hide scroll-bar" Set from: File
rofi.hide-scrollbar: false
! "Fullscreen" Set from: Default
! rofi.fullscreen: false
! "Fake transparency" Set from: Default
! rofi.fake-transparency: false
! "DPI" Set from: Default
! rofi.dpi: -1
! "Threads to use for string matching" Set from: Default
! rofi.threads: 0
! "Scrollbar width" Set from: Default
! rofi.scrollbar-width: 8
! "Scrolling method. (0: Page, 1: Centered)" Set from: Default
! rofi.scroll-method: 0
! "Background to use for fake transparency. (background or screenshot)" Set from: Default
! rofi.fake-background: screenshot
! "Window Format. w (desktop name), t (title), n (name), r (role), c (class)" Set from: Default
! rofi.window-format: {w} {c} {t}
! "Click outside the window to exit" Set from: Default
! true
! "Indicate how it match by underlining it." Set from: Default
! true
! "Pidfile location" Set from: Default
! /run/user/1000/
! "Paste primary selection" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-primary-paste: Control+V,Shift+Insert
! "Paste clipboard" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-secondary-paste: Control+v,Insert
! "Clear input line" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-clear-line: Control+w
! "Beginning of line" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-move-front: Control+a
! "End of line" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-move-end: Control+e
! "Move back one word" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-move-word-back: Alt+b
! "Move forward one word" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-move-word-forward: Alt+f
! "Move back one char" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-move-char-back: Left,Control+b
! "Move forward one char" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-move-char-forward: Right,Control+f
! "Delete previous word" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-remove-word-back: Control+Alt+h,Control+BackSpace
! "Delete next word" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-remove-word-forward: Control+Alt+d
! "Delete next char" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-remove-char-forward: Delete,Control+d
! "Delete previous char" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-remove-char-back: BackSpace,Control+h
! "Delete till the end of line" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-remove-to-eol: Control+k
! "Delete till the start of line" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-remove-to-sol: Control+u
! "Accept entry" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-accept-entry: Control+j,Control+m,Return,KP_Enter
! "Use entered text as command (in ssh/run modi)" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-accept-custom: Control+Return
! "Use alternate accept command." Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-accept-alt: Shift+Return
! "Delete entry from history" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-delete-entry: Shift+Delete
! "Switch to the next mode." Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-mode-next: Shift+Right,Control+Tab
! "Switch to the previous mode." Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-mode-previous: Shift+Left,Control+Shift+Tab
! "Go to the previous column" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-left: Control+Page_Up
! "Go to the next column" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-right: Control+Page_Down
! "Select previous entry" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-up: Up,Control+p,Shift+Tab,Shift+ISO_Left_Tab
! "Select next entry" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-down: Down,Control+n
! "Go to next row, if one left, accept it, if no left next mode." Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-tab: Tab
! "Go to the previous page" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-page-prev: Page_Up
! "Go to the next page" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-page-next: Page_Down
! "Go to the first entry" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-first: Home,KP_Home
! "Go to the last entry" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-last: End,KP_End
! "Set selected item as input text" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-row-select: Control+space
! "Take a screenshot of the rofi window" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-screenshot: Alt+S
! "Toggle case sensitivity" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-toggle-case-sensitivity: grave,dead_grave
! "Toggle sort" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-toggle-sort: Alt+grave
! "Quit rofi" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-cancel: Escape,Control+g,Control+bracketleft
! "Custom keybinding 1" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-1: Alt+1
! "Custom keybinding 2" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-2: Alt+2
! "Custom keybinding 3" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-3: Alt+3
! "Custom keybinding 4" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-4: Alt+4
! "Custom Keybinding 5" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-5: Alt+5
! "Custom keybinding 6" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-6: Alt+6
! "Custom Keybinding 7" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-7: Alt+7
! "Custom keybinding 8" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-8: Alt+8
! "Custom keybinding 9" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-9: Alt+9
! "Custom keybinding 10" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-10: Alt+0
! "Custom keybinding 11" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-11: Alt+exclam
! "Custom keybinding 12" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-12: Alt+at
! "Csutom keybinding 13" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-13: Alt+numbersign
! "Custom keybinding 14" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-14: Alt+dollar
! "Custom keybinding 15" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-15: Alt+percent
! "Custom keybinding 16" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-16: Alt+dead_circumflex
! "Custom keybinding 17" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-17: Alt+ampersand
! "Custom keybinding 18" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-18: Alt+asterisk
! "Custom Keybinding 19" Set from: Default
! rofi.kb-custom-19: Alt+parenleft
! "The display name of this browser" Set from: Default
! rofi.display-ssh:
! "The display name of this browser" Set from: Default
! rofi.display-run:
! "The display name of this browser" Set from: Default
! rofi.display-drun:
! "The display name of this browser" Set from: Default
! rofi.display-window:
! "The display name of this browser" Set from: Default
! rofi.display-windowcd:
! "The display name of this browser" Set from: Default
! rofi.display-combi:
rofi usage:
rofi [-options ...]
Command line only options:
-no-config Do not load configuration, use default values.
-v,-version Print the version number and exit.
-dmenu Start in dmenu mode.
-display [string] X server to contact.
-h,-help This help message.
-dump-xresources Dump the current configuration in Xresources format and exit.
-dump-xresources-theme Dump the current color scheme in Xresources format and exit.
-e [string] Show a dialog displaying the passed message and exit.
-markup Enable pango markup where possible.
-normal-window In dmenu mode, behave as a normal window. (experimental)
-show [mode] Show the mode 'mode' and exit. The mode has to be enabled.
-lazy-grab When fail to grab keyboard, don't block but retry later.
DMENU command line options:
-mesg [string] Print a small user message under the prompt (uses pango markup)
-p [string] Prompt to display left of entry field
-selected-row [integer] Select row
-format [string] Output format string
-u [list] List of row indexes to mark urgent
-a [list] List of row indexes to mark active
-l [integer] Number of rows to display
-i Set filter to be case insensitive
-only-match Force selection or custom entry
-no-custom Don't accept custom entry
-select [string] Select the first row that matches
-password Do not show what the user inputs. Show '*' instead.
-markup-rows Allow and render pango markup as input data.
-sep [char] Element separator.
-input [filename] Read input from file instead from standard input.
-sync Force dmenu to first read all input data, then show dialog.
Global options:
-modi [string] Enabled modi
window,run,ssh (Default)
-width [number] Window width
50 (Default)
-lines [number] Number of lines
15 (Default)
-columns [number] Number of columns
1 (Default)
-font [string] Font to use
mono 12 (Default)
-color-normal [string] Color scheme for normal row
#002b37, #819396, #003643, #008ed4, #ffffff (File)
-color-urgent [string] Color scheme for urgent row
#002b37, #da4281, #003643, #008ed4, #890661 (File)
-color-active [string] Color scheme for active row
#002b37, #008ed4, #003643, #008ed4, #66c6ff (File)
-color-window [string] Color scheme window
#002b37, #002b37, #003642 (File)
-bw [number] Border width
1 (Default)
-location [number] Location on screen
0 (Default)
-padding [number] Padding
5 (Default)
-yoffset [number] Y-offset relative to location
0 (Default)
-xoffset [number] X-offset relative to location
0 (Default)
-[no-]fixed-num-lines Always show number of lines
True (Default)
-terminal [string] Terminal to use
rofi-sensible-terminal (Default)
-ssh-client [string] Ssh client to use
ssh (Default)
-ssh-command [string] Ssh command to execute
{terminal} -e {ssh-client} {host} (Default)
-run-command [string] Run command to execute
{cmd} (Default)
-run-list-command [string] Command to get extra run targets
-run-shell-command [string] Run command to execute that runs in shell
{terminal} -e {cmd} (Default)
-window-command [string] Command executed on accep-entry-custom for window modus
xkill -id {window} (Default)
-[no-]disable-history Disable history in run/ssh
False (Default)
-[no-]levenshtein-sort Use levenshtein sorting
False (Default)
-[no-]case-sensitive Set case-sensitivity
False (Default)
-[no-]cycle Cycle through the results list
True (Default)
-[no-]sidebar-mode Enable sidebar-mode
False (Default)
-eh [number] Row height (in chars)
1 (Default)
-[no-]auto-select Enable auto select mode
False (Default)
-[no-]parse-hosts Parse hosts file for ssh mode
False (Default)
-[no-]parse-known-hosts Parse known_hosts file for ssh mode
True (Default)
-combi-modi [string] Set the modi to combine in combi mode
window,run (Default)
-matching [string] Set the matching algorithm. (normal, regex, glob, fuzzy)
normal (Default)
-[no-]tokenize Tokenize input string
True (Default)
-m [string] Monitor id to show on
-5 (Default)
-line-margin [number] Margin between rows
2 (Default)
-line-padding [number] Padding within rows
1 (Default)
-filter [string] Pre-set filter
(unset) (Default)
-separator-style [string] Separator style (none, dash, solid)
solid (File)
-[no-]hide-scrollbar Hide scroll-bar
False (File)
-[no-]fullscreen Fullscreen
False (Default)
-[no-]fake-transparency Fake transparency
False (Default)
-dpi [number] DPI
-1 (Default)
-threads [number] Threads to use for string matching
0 (Default)
-scrollbar-width [number] Scrollbar width
8 (Default)
-scroll-method [number] Scrolling method. (0: Page, 1: Centered)
0 (Default)
-fake-background [string] Background to use for fake transparency. (background or screenshot)
screenshot (Default)
-window-format [string] Window Format. w (desktop name), t (title), n (name), r (role), c (class)
{w} {c} {t} (Default)
-[no-]click-to-exit Click outside the window to exit
True (Default)
-[no-]show-match Indicate how it match by underlining it.
True (Default)
-pid [string] Pidfile location
/run/user/1000/ (Default)
-kb-primary-paste [string] Paste primary selection
Control+V,Shift+Insert (Default)
-kb-secondary-paste [string] Paste clipboard
Control+v,Insert (Default)
-kb-clear-line [string] Clear input line
Control+w (Default)
-kb-move-front [string] Beginning of line
Control+a (Default)
-kb-move-end [string] End of line
Control+e (Default)
-kb-move-word-back [string] Move back one word
Alt+b (Default)
-kb-move-word-forward [string] Move forward one word
Alt+f (Default)
-kb-move-char-back [string] Move back one char
Left,Control+b (Default)
-kb-move-char-forward [string] Move forward one char
Right,Control+f (Default)
-kb-remove-word-back [string] Delete previous word
Control+Alt+h,Control+BackSpace (Default)
-kb-remove-word-forward [string] Delete next word
Control+Alt+d (Default)
-kb-remove-char-forward [string] Delete next char
Delete,Control+d (Default)
-kb-remove-char-back [string] Delete previous char
BackSpace,Control+h (Default)
-kb-remove-to-eol [string] Delete till the end of line
Control+k (Default)
-kb-remove-to-sol [string] Delete till the start of line
Control+u (Default)
-kb-accept-entry [string] Accept entry
Control+j,Control+m,Return,KP_Enter (Default)
-kb-accept-custom [string] Use entered text as command (in ssh/run modi)
Control+Return (Default)
-kb-accept-alt [string] Use alternate accept command.
Shift+Return (Default)
-kb-delete-entry [string] Delete entry from history
Shift+Delete (Default)
-kb-mode-next [string] Switch to the next mode.
Shift+Right,Control+Tab (Default)
-kb-mode-previous [string] Switch to the previous mode.
Shift+Left,Control+Shift+Tab (Default)
-kb-row-left [string] Go to the previous column
Control+Page_Up (Default)
-kb-row-right [string] Go to the next column
Control+Page_Down (Default)
-kb-row-up [string] Select previous entry
Up,Control+p,Shift+Tab,Shift+ISO_Left_Tab (Default)
-kb-row-down [string] Select next entry
Down,Control+n (Default)
-kb-row-tab [string] Go to next row, if one left, accept it, if no left next mode.
Tab (Default)
-kb-page-prev [string] Go to the previous page
Page_Up (Default)
-kb-page-next [string] Go to the next page
Page_Down (Default)
-kb-row-first [string] Go to the first entry
Home,KP_Home (Default)
-kb-row-last [string] Go to the last entry
End,KP_End (Default)
-kb-row-select [string] Set selected item as input text
Control+space (Default)
-kb-screenshot [string] Take a screenshot of the rofi window
Alt+S (Default)
-kb-toggle-case-sensitivity [string] Toggle case sensitivity
grave,dead_grave (Default)
-kb-toggle-sort [string] Toggle sort
Alt+grave (Default)
-kb-cancel [string] Quit rofi
Escape,Control+g,Control+bracketleft (Default)
-kb-custom-1 [string] Custom keybinding 1
Alt+1 (Default)
-kb-custom-2 [string] Custom keybinding 2
Alt+2 (Default)
-kb-custom-3 [string] Custom keybinding 3
Alt+3 (Default)
-kb-custom-4 [string] Custom keybinding 4
Alt+4 (Default)
-kb-custom-5 [string] Custom Keybinding 5
Alt+5 (Default)
-kb-custom-6 [string] Custom keybinding 6
Alt+6 (Default)
-kb-custom-7 [string] Custom Keybinding 7
Alt+7 (Default)
-kb-custom-8 [string] Custom keybinding 8
Alt+8 (Default)
-kb-custom-9 [string] Custom keybinding 9
Alt+9 (Default)
-kb-custom-10 [string] Custom keybinding 10
Alt+0 (Default)
-kb-custom-11 [string] Custom keybinding 11
Alt+exclam (Default)
-kb-custom-12 [string] Custom keybinding 12
Alt+at (Default)
-kb-custom-13 [string] Csutom keybinding 13
Alt+numbersign (Default)
-kb-custom-14 [string] Custom keybinding 14
Alt+dollar (Default)
-kb-custom-15 [string] Custom keybinding 15
Alt+percent (Default)
-kb-custom-16 [string] Custom keybinding 16
Alt+dead_circumflex (Default)
-kb-custom-17 [string] Custom keybinding 17
Alt+ampersand (Default)
-kb-custom-18 [string] Custom keybinding 18
Alt+asterisk (Default)
-kb-custom-19 [string] Custom Keybinding 19
Alt+parenleft (Default)
-display-ssh [string] The display name of this browser
(unset) (Default)
-display-run [string] The display name of this browser
(unset) (Default)
-display-drun [string] The display name of this browser
(unset) (Default)
-display-window [string] The display name of this browser
(unset) (Default)
-display-windowcd [string] The display name of this browser
(unset) (Default)
-display-combi [string] The display name of this browser
(unset) (Default)
Monitor layout:
ID: 0 (primary)
name: eDP-1
position: 0,0
size: 2560,1440
Compile time options:
* window enabled
* drun enabled
* timings disabled
* gcov disabled
* asan disabled
For more information see: man rofi
Version: 1.3.1
#rofi @
Configuration file: /home/m/.config/rofi/config
// asetion_hr
// by marcell mars (
// with a little help from hr_US by vlatko kosturjak
// Changelog
// =========
// 2005-08-31 Initial version
default partial alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "basic" {
include "us"
name[Group1]= "asetion";
// the differences in between us/ascii and asetion_hr
key <AD01> { [ q, Q ], [ backslash ] };
key <AD02> { [ w, W ], [ bar ] };
key <AD03> { [ f, F ], [ EuroSign ] };
key <AD04> { [ d, D ] };
key <AD05> { [ g, G ] };
key <AD06> { [ y, Y ], [ z, Z ] };
key <AD07> { [ m, M ], [ Next, any ] };
key <AD08> { [ k, K ], [ Prior, any ] };
key <AD09> { [ l, L ] };
key <AD11> { [ bracketleft, braceleft ], [ scaron, Scaron ] };
key <AD12> { [ bracketright, braceright ], [ dstroke, Dstroke ] };
key <AC03> { [ e, E ] };
key <AC04> { [ t, T ], [ bracketleft ] };
key <AC05> { [ r, R ], [ bracketright ] };
key <AC06> { [ h, H ], [ Left, any ] };
key <AC07> { [ u, U ], [ Down, any ] };
key <AC08> { [ i, I ], [ Up, any ] };
key <AC09> { [ o, O ], [ Right, any ] };
key <AC10> { [ n, N ], [ ccaron, Ccaron ] };
key <AC11> { [ apostrophe, quotedbl ], [ cacute, Cacute ] };
key <LSGT> { [ less, greater ], [ bar ] };
key <AB01> { [ z, Z ], [ y, Y ] };
key <AB04> { [ v, V ], [ at ] };
key <AB05> { [ b, B ], [ braceleft ] };
key <AB06> { [ j, J ], [ BackSpace, any ] };
key <AB07> { [ semicolon, colon ], [ Delete, any ] };
key <AB08> { [ comma, less ], [ semicolon ] };
key <AB09> { [ period, greater ], [ colon ] };
key <AB10> { [ slash, question ], [ minus, underscore ] };
key <BKSL> { [ backslash, bar ], [ zcaron, Zcaron ] };
key <KPDL> { [ KP_Delete, KP_Separator ] };
key <RALT> { [ Mode_switch, Multi_key ] };
key <SPCE> { [ space, space ], [ Return, any ] };
key <LCTL> { [ Mode_switch, Multi_Key ] };
key <CAPS> { [ Escape ] };
key <LWIN> { [ Control_L ] };
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