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marcellmars /
Created July 29, 2010 20:28
make one pdf from bunch of jpegs (dirty, not prepared as generic script)
for i in *; do jpegtopnm $i > $i.pnm;done
for i in *.pnm;do pnmtops $i > $;done
for i in *.ps;do ps2pdf $i $i.pdf;done
gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOUTPUTFILE=contract.pdf -dBATCH
marcellmars /
Created May 11, 2011 11:23
python script finds its own current path
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
mypath = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
if __name__ == '__main__':
print mypath
marcellmars /
Created February 19, 2012 13:43
Check total memory and if used more than 3.0GB and make desktop notification with programs which use more than 2.0GB
#!/usr/bin/env python2
import commands, pynotify, sys, os, time
while 1:
lines = commands.getoutput('sudo').split('\n')
total = [float(str(l).split(" ")[-2]) for l in lines if l.startswith(" ") and l.find("GiB")]
progs = [str(l).split("=")[1].strip().split(" ") for l in lines if l.find("GiB") != -1 and not l.startswith(" ")]
for prog in progs:


books. soon.


  • a server with a public ip ( in this document)
It’s a simple idea: public library is one of those almost invisible infrastructures that we start to notice only once they go extinct. A place where all people can get access to all knowledge that can be collected. In the past it relied on the limited resources of rich patrons or unstable budgets of (welfare) states. With internet, as in many other instances, the dream about universal access got much more imaginable. It seemed just an issue of interpreting when the trajectory curves of global personal computer distribution and internet access penetration would finally make universal access to knowledge a reality. However, the actual trajectory of development of public libraries in the age of internet are pointing in the opposite direction – that the phenomena we people are most proud of are being undercut and can easily go extinct.
Public libraries now cannot receive, and sometimes not even buy, the books of some of the largest publishers. The books that they already hold they must destroy aft
marcellmars / Public library
Last active December 23, 2015 18:49
Public library
<img src=""width="320"/>
## <a id="infrastructure"></a>Public Library (as infrastructure) ##
### Context ###
marcellmars / Otokultivator
Created October 21, 2013 00:03
I arhitekti sanjaju. Pogotovo kad su mladi. Nikada prije i nikada poslije - Otokultivatora - nitko od nas tko je gradio i živio taj mali gradić nije to uspio ponoviti.
U ljeto 2000. mladi arhitekti Jakov Šrajer, _____ ____, ____ ___ tražili su mjesto na kojem bi se održao dvadeset drugi skup evropskih studenata arhitekture. Našli su ga na otoku Visu: bivšu vojarnu Samogor.
Od 1981. članovi EASA-e (European Architecture Students Assembly) svake godine (samo)organiziraju skup na nekom egzotičnom mjestu gdje dozvoljavaju da se spontanim procesima, često na licu mjesta, dogodi program zanimljiv svim sudionicima.
U ljeto 2001. održan je prvi Otokultivator u suradnji hrvatske EASA-e, URK-a i Multimedijalnog instituta - Mame. Starije lokalno stanovništvo pamti to kao do tada neviđeni izlazak raznolikih čudovišta iz Močvare. Trajekti su time izgubili svoj karakter bezazlenog transporta, a trogodišnje havarije još uvijek se lokalci sjećaju kao Močvare s Močvarcima.
U Samogoru, iza brda, u kotlini, sa vlastitom mik
marcellmars / mongodb_queries
Created November 3, 2013 10:24
mongodb queries, updates, etc.
**filemongodb (letssharebooks collection)**
### start mongodb in docker
sudo docker run -d librarian/mongodb --noprealloc --smallfiles
### get list of authors/titles sorted
authors_sorted= sorted(db.books.find().distinct('authors'))
titles_sorted = sorted(db.books.find().distinct('title_sort'))
marcellmars /
Created November 19, 2013 16:10
Public Library local setup (no docker).md

view this document here:!provider=gist&gistId=7547779&



SSH tunneling

Calibre plugin [let's share books] establishes SSH tunnel as a user tunnel with SSH server through port 722 without authorization.

That allows local [Calibre content server][1] to get proxied through SSH tunnel and Nginx so Calibre content server can get its own public URL (i.e. Local Calibre library is then accessible from the world to which Nginx is exposed. In production setup that's, in development setup that's usually only developer's laptop.