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Marcy Sutton marcysutton

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Last active Dec 14, 2020 — forked from annalee/
A Code of Conduct for the A11y Slack Community

A11y Slack Code of Conduct


A dedicated accessibility space to ask questions, help other people figure stuff out or chat about accessibility in general.

The current admins are:

  • Marcy Sutton (lead) - @marcysutton
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am marcysutton on github.
* I am mazzafied ( on keybase.
* I have a public key ASAqE9vmg_MMg22bQ7M91ivpYu17k9Z3dVtG_6RLXUsn1Qo
To claim this, I am signing this object:
marcysutton / example-page.js
Last active Dec 31, 2020
Gatsby Sass Recipe
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import React from "react"
import { Link } from "gatsby"
import Layout from "../components/layout"
import SEO from "../components/seo"
import "./styles.scss"
const SecondPage = () => (
<SEO title="Page two" />
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Last active Jun 25, 2018
Accessible UIs - State of A11y

How to accessibility!

Definition of done


  • Awareness
  • Design and UX
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Last active Mar 15, 2017
Accessibility Github Issue Template

Issue Description

// What is the nature of the issue? Which browser and/or Assistive Technology?

How to reproduce / Current behavior

// Step-by-step instructions explaining how to reproduce the problem. Environment required, explicit identification of the component in question

How to validate (Acceptance Criteria) / Expected behavior

// A set of assumptions which, when tested, verify that the accessibility requirement was met.

Additional information

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module.exports = function (grunt) {
'use strict'
mochaTest: {
test: {
options: {
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Last active Nov 29, 2016
Bitbucket merge hell

Merging a pull request

To apply a pull request, make sure your local develop branch is up to date. Then, create a new branch for that pull request:

git checkout -b some-user-feature

Run the following commands to apply all commits from that pull request on top of your branch's local history:

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var jsdom = require('jsdom');
// Some html page
var html = [
'<p>An image without an alt tag! <img src="some.jpg" /></p>',
'<h2>Not an h1</h2>',
marcysutton / enzyme-test.js
Last active Jan 5, 2021
React A11y Testing
View enzyme-test.js
import {expect} from 'chai';
import App from '../app/components/App';
import a11yHelper from "./a11yHelper";
describe('Accessibility', function () {
it('Has no errors', function () {
let config = {};
marcysutton / axe-core.d.ts
Created Jul 19, 2016
Typescript attempt #1
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// Type definitions for axe-core 2.0.5
// Project:
// Definitions by: Marcy Sutton <>
// Definitions:
declare const enum Tags {"wcag2a", "wcag2aa", "section508", "best-practice"}
declare const enum Reporter {"v1", "v2"}
interface ElementContext {