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Enable Chrome Accessibility Experiment

NOTE: This is no longer an experiment! You can use the accessibility inspector in Chrome Devtools now, including a fantastic color contrast inspection tool. Read more:

Just like any good element inspector helps you debug styles, accessibility inspection in the browser can help you debug HTML and ARIA exposed for assistive technologies such as screen readers. There's a similar tool in Safari (and reportedly one in Edge) but I like the Chrome one best.

As an internal Chrome experiment, this tool differs from the Accessibility Developer Tools extension in that it has privileged Accessibility API access and reports more information as a result. You can still use the audit feature in the Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools, or you could use the aXe Chrome extension. :)

To enable the accessibility inspector in Chrome stable:

  1. Go to chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments to enable Devtools experiments Chrome flags with Developer Tools Experiments enabled
  2. Open developer tools, go to Settings (Devtools menu or Chrome customization menu) Chrome devtools settings
  3. In Settings, go to Experiments and enable "Accessibility Inspection" Settings Experiments
  4. Restart developer tools.
  5. In the element inspector, a new "Accessibility" tab has been added to "Styles". Use it to inspect accessibility nodes to see an element's computed name, role, etc. Accessibility inspection of Soundcloud search field
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selfthinker commented Nov 20, 2017

I needed to restart Chrome after the first step (enabling DevTools experiments). Or else the "Experiments" tab was missing from the settings, so I couldn't do step 3 without restarting.

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Thank you. Gracias

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@marcysutton looks like this now comes out of the box in Chrome! 🎉

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Wow! That's really handy êh! +100000 for sharing =D

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evolutionxbox commented Sep 7, 2018

This seems to have been removed in Chrome v69:


It may have been moved to the audits panel, but that doesn't seem to be useful.

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YES. Thats Chrome 72 OS X.

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Hi everyone, the Audits tab is different–that runs axe-core as part of Lighthouse for accessibility checks. The functionality in this gist is now in Chrome Devtools proper:

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Hey everyone, so I was trying to enable devtools experimental in chrome flags and when I type it in or when I click on a link which directs me to that specific setting, I can't find it. All the articles I read on how to enable this setting, all use a mac as their system so I was wondering is this a mac thing, or is this for windows as well? And if it's not a mac thing then how do I fix this problem

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