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Last active November 28, 2023 09:58
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Converge F670L Bridge mode
  1. Go to Network - WAN - WAN Connection WAN Connection
  2. Right click Type Route dropdown select and click "Inspect" in the context menu.
    In console, run the code below:
    document.getElementById('Frm_mode').options[document.getElementById('Frm_mode').options.selectedIndex].setAttribute('value', 'BRIDGE');
  3. Input New Connection Name. Example: Bridge. Click Create.
  4. Go to Network - WAN - Port - Binding
    Select the Bridge WAN Connection. Check LAN3. Check other WAN connections and make sure LAN3 is not checked.
  5. Connect the WAN connection of your Router to Port3 of the Converge CPE.
  6. Configure your router's DHCP client.
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If I'm not mistaken, this is possible with PLDT Fibr residential plan and Globe Fibr. So I know that this is also possible with Converge

Were you able to troubleshoot this? I did the steps but still no internet in the other router's wifi. If by DHCP settings it means disable the dhcp of the other router then I also did that.

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Same here, manage to access super admin and add the bridge mode but nothing changed, any advice?

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This is working, however the speed decreases to 100mpbs. How were you able to bypass this limit?

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Hi, does this router support WDS bridging? or just wired?

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