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Dispatching action creators comparison
// approach 1: define action object in the component
payload : {
item : {itemID, itemType},
newAttributes : newValue,
// approach 2: use an action creator function
const actionObject = editItemAttributes(itemID, itemType, newAttributes);
// approach 3: directly pass result of action creator to dispatch
this.props.dispatch(editItemAttributes(itemID, itemType, newAttributes));
// approach 4: pre-bind action creator to automatically call dispatch
const boundEditItemAttributes = bindActionCreators(editItemAttributes, dispatch);
boundEditItemAttributes(itemID, itemType, newAttributes);
// parallel approach 1: dispatching a thunk function
const innerThunkFunction1 = (dispatch, getState) => {
// do useful stuff with dispatch and getState
// parallel approach 2: use a thunk action creator to define the function
const innerThunkFunction = someThunkActionCreator(a, b, c);
// parallel approach 3: dispatch thunk directly without temp variable
this.props.dispatch(someThunkActionCreator(a, b, c));
// parallel approach 4: pre-bind thunk action creator to automatically call dispatch
const boundSomeThunkActionCreator = bindActionCreators(someThunkActionCreator, dispatch);
boundSomeThunkActionCreator(a, b, c);
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