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Mark's Dev Blog - tentative future post plans

Jotting down a list of posts I'd like to write. Probably won't write them in this exact order.

  • Practical Redux series
    • Connected lists, basic form editing
    • Form change handling, feature reducers
    • "editing/draft slice" approach
    • Modal management and "picker" modals
    • Handling more complex nested/relational data
    • Entity creation
    • Treeview
    • Redux-ORM 0.9 changes and migration
    • Async/server interaction (CRUD, etc); sagas?
    • Sorting/filtering?
    • Optimization of mapState
    • Other stuff as I come up with it
  • Idiomatic Redux series
    • Thunk usage
    • General principles of idiomatic Redux (FP/OOP, 1:many actions/reducers, action types, etc)
    • "Single source of truth" in theory and practice
    • "Common Complaints about Redux 'Boilerplate', and Why These Things Exist In The First Place"
  • Other
    • Using React, Cesium.js, and Webpack together for 3D globe display
    • Opinions on immutable data and Immutable.js
    • Writing a custom Webpack dev server
    • How I manage links and bookmarks
    • An overview of GIS data formats and tools, and how to convert datasets for use with Cesium
    • Basic React AJAX state handling (default values for empty data, tracking state)
    • Voiced-over version of "(R)Evolution of Web Dev"
    • Overview of the various "component state in Redux" / "modularity/reusability/encapsulation" approaches out there
    • Redux batching approaches

Next planned posts:

  • Not sure - will see what sounds good :)
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