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HTTP data fetching steps and terms

[11:45 PM] someuser : how can I pull data from mysql database using react js?
[11:46 PM] BTM : @someuser short answer - "you can't"
[11:46 PM] connor : have react hit a proxied api that makes request using mysql
[11:46 PM] connor : using fetch or axios
[11:46 PM] someuser : the package has apollo in it
[11:46 PM] BTM : You need an API that will expose the data from sql as REST, graphql etc.
[11:46 PM] someuser : whats the apollo for?
[11:46 PM] someuser : im confused between graphql, apollo and redux.
[11:46 PM] acemarke : okay, let me explain
[11:47 PM] acemarke : first: no matter what UI framework you're using, here's the basic data flow
[11:47 PM] acemarke : 1) JS code makes an HTTP AJAX request to an application server
[11:48 PM] acemarke : 2) The application server parses out any parameters, and makes a database query to retrieve some data
[11:48 PM] acemarke : 3) it formats the data from the DB and returns it to the client
[11:48 PM] acemarke : 4) the client takes the returned data and does something useful with it
[11:49 PM] someuser : got it
[11:49 PM] acemarke : these basic steps are true no matter whether you're using React, Angular, Vue, or jQuery for the UI; no matter whether you're using Node+Express, Python+Django, Java+Dropwizard, or something else for the server; and whether you're transmitting the data as XML, JSON, GraphQL, or anything else
[11:50 PM] acemarke : Now, how the HTTP request is formatted, what the server URL structure is like, and how the response is formatted, is up to you
[11:50 PM] acemarke : this is where terms like "REST", "RPC", "JSON-API", and "GraphQL" come in
[11:51 PM] acemarke : basically all different approaches to defining how requests, URLs, and responses are formatted
[11:52 PM] acemarke : @someuser : so, if you want to retrieve data from a MySQL database, you need a web application server process that can accept HTTP requests, figure out what the client is asking for, query the DB, and return an HTTP response

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