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NBuilder Utility
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using FizzWare.NBuilder;
namespace NBuilder
public static class NBuilderUtility
public static T Create<T>()
return (T)Create(typeof(T));
private static object Create(Type type)
if (type.IsInterface)
var firstConcreteImplementation = type.Assembly.GetTypes().FirstOrDefault(t => type.IsAssignableFrom(t) && !t.IsInterface);
if (firstConcreteImplementation != null)
type = firstConcreteImplementation;
return null;
var baseType = Build(type) ?? Build(Nullable.GetUnderlyingType(type));
var complexTypeProperties = baseType.GetType().GetProperties().Where(
p => !p.PropertyType.Namespace.Contains("System")).ToList();
if (!complexTypeProperties.Any())
return baseType;
foreach (var complexTypeProperty in complexTypeProperties)
complexTypeProperty.SetValue(baseType, Create(complexTypeProperty.PropertyType), null);
var genericListProperties = baseType.GetType().GetProperties()
.Where(p => p.PropertyType.Name == "List`1")
foreach (var propertyInfo in genericListProperties)
return baseType;
private static object Build(Type type)
var builderClassType = typeof(Builder<>);
Type[] args = { type };
var genericBuilderType = builderClassType.MakeGenericType(args);
var builder = Activator.CreateInstance(genericBuilderType);
var createNewMethodInfo = builder.GetType().GetMethod("CreateNew");
var objectBuilder = createNewMethodInfo.Invoke(builder, null);
var buildMethodInfo = objectBuilder.GetType().GetMethod("Build");
return buildMethodInfo.Invoke(objectBuilder, null);
public static object BuildGenericListOf(Type type)
var listGeneric = typeof(List<>).MakeGenericType(type);
var list = Activator.CreateInstance(listGeneric);
var addMethodInfo = listGeneric.GetMethod("Add");
addMethodInfo.Invoke(list, new []{ Build(type)});
addMethodInfo.Invoke(list, new[] { Build(type) });
addMethodInfo.Invoke(list, new[] { Build(type) });
return list;
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