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I hear the FCC wrote a WordPress plugin. This is what I expected it to be.
class FCC_Safe_Harbor_Indecency_Plugin {
static $instance;
private $seven_dirty = array(
'shit(s|ty|head)?' => '{BLEEP}$1',
'piss(es|ed|ing)?' => '{BLEEP}$1',
'fuck(s|er|ers|ing|ed)?' => '{BLEEP}$1',
'cunt([ys])?' => '{BLEEP}$1',
'cock(sucker[s]?)' => '{BLEEP}$1',
'(mother)fuck(s|er|ers|ing|ed)?' => '$1{BLEEP}$2',
'tit(s|ty|ties)?' => '{BLEEP}$1',
public function __construct() {
$hour = date( 'G', current_time( 'timestamp' ) );
if ( $hour < 22 && $hour > 6 ) {
add_filter( 'the_content', array( $this, 'the_content' ) );
public function the_content( $content ) {
foreach ( $this->seven_dirty as $word => $replacement ) {
$content = preg_replace( '#\b' . $word . '\b#i', $replacement, $content );
return $content;
new FCC_Safe_Harbor_Indecency_Plugin;

markjaquith commented Jul 2, 2011

See their actual plugin here.

defries commented Jul 2, 2011

Too funny :)

alisonmf commented Jul 3, 2011

This is amazing!

skeltoac commented Jul 4, 2011

Shouldn't the client's time zone be used?


markjaquith commented Jul 4, 2011

@skeltoac Oddly, I researched this. No, it goes according to the time zone of the "station." So stations near time zone borders that send signals into other time zones aren't judged by the time in the receiver's time zone.

skeltoac commented Jul 4, 2011

@markjaquith In that case, distribute the blog onto several hosts around the world and use DNS to switch stations as the time changes. Always be "broadcasting" from where it is 2200-0600.

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