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Security Tools for AWS

Security Tools for AWS

I often get asked which tools are good to use for securing your AWS infrastructure so I figured I'd write a short listof some useful Security Tools for the AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

This list is not intended be something completely exhaustive, more so provide a good launching pad for someone as they dig into AWS and want to make it secure from the start.

Open Source

This section focuses on tools and services provided by the community and released as open-source.


Tools to help you auth (clients) securely in AWS.

Best Practices & Governance

Tools that enable you to ensure security best practices are followed across your organisation and infrastructure.

Domain Hijacking


Tools to help perform Incident Response on AWS

Least Privileges

AWS Least Privilege for Distributed, High-Velocity Deployment

Monitoring / Auditing

Holistic // General

Tools that provide a good way monitoring your overall security posture through scraping configuration and collating it or ingesting logs.


Finding interesting S3 buckets through monitoring certificate transparency logs


Secret Keeper


This section focuses on tools and services provided by AWS for a nominal charge or as part of their overall service.


Services that provide authentication and authorisation to AWS services, with STS enabling that access to be through temporary credentials.

Best Practices & Governance

Service that helps your monitor your AWS services holistically to reduce cost, ensure best practices are being followed and improve security.

Monitoring / Auditing

AWS service that enable your to audit and monitor your configurations and API calls.

Network Perimeter Visibility

AWS Service that is essentially a managed threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious behaviour to help you protect your AWS accounts and workloads. One of the few things to provide visibility of your external perimeter in AWS.


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houey commented Jun 18, 2018

Great list, Here are a few more Mark!

Cloudfront subdomain hijacking:
@disloops CloudFrunt for Subdomain hijacking works great!

Visualization /governance
@0xdabbad00 and duo's Cloudmapper and CloudTracker and

AWS Attack Library;

Least Privileged

S3 hunting:


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markofu commented Jun 27, 2018

Thanks @houey.....that's great feedback, much appreciated. 👍

Some of those tools I'd heard of but had heard mixed reports so was unsure of recommending them, while others I had not heard of so thank you, I'll update the gist and check them out.

I had Repokid there but was reluctant to put the Skunkworks project in there because they're essentially not supported by Netflix.

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