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Working from home

Markus Reinhardt markusrt

Working from home
  • WS Audiology
  • Erlangen, Germany
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The difference between the request with a JWT token and the request without, is that the former was validated by the Request Authentication filter and gets the claims stored in its connection filter metadata, meanwhile the latter lacks those.
markusrt / Credits.cs
Created Apr 25, 2014
Unity3D scripts published prior to Ludum Dare 29
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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
/// <summary>
/// Published prior to Ludum Dare 29
/// Simple Unity3D script to create scrolling credits
/// How to use:
markusrt / ActionAttributeDemoTest.cs
Last active Dec 25, 2015
This Gist demonstrates how to use NUnits Action Attributes in order to create and delete a temporary directory on test case level.
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public class ActionAttributeDemoTest : ITempDirectoryTest
public string TemporaryDirectoryToStoreTestData { get; set; }
public void ITempDirectoryTest_ImplementsInterface_TemporaryDirectoryIsCreatedAutomatically()
Assert.That(Directory.Exists(TemporaryDirectoryToStoreTestData), Is.True);
View robot.js
//FightCode can only understand your robot
//if its class is called Robot
var Robot = function(robot) {
Robot.prototype.onIdle = function(ev) {
var robot = ev.robot;
markusrt / gist:3784166
Created Sep 25, 2012
Unity animate OTAnimatedSprite based on movement speed
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// NEW instead of movement.isMoving
&& !"runRight".Equals(sprite._animFrameset))
// NEW adapt playback speed based on movement speed
sprite.speed = movement.speed/movement.walkSpeed;
markusrt / gist:3784133
Created Sep 25, 2012
Unity: Detect collision above
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var collisionAbove = ((controller.collisionFlags & CollisionFlags.Above) != 0);
movement.verticalSpeed = -1 * movement.verticalSpeed/-2.0;
markusrt / gist:3784093
Created Sep 25, 2012
Platformer Controller in Air controls
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var absoluteAirVelocity = Mathf.Abs(movement.inAirVelocity.x);
if (absoluteAirVelocity < movement.inAirMinSpeed)
movement.inAirVelocity = Vector3(Mathf.Sign(h), 0, 0)
* movement.inAirMinSpeed;
else if (absoluteAirVelocity > movement.inAirMaxSpeed)
movement.inAirVelocity = Vector3(Mathf.Sign(h), 0, 0)
* movement.inAirMaxSpeed;
markusrt / FadeSprite.cs
Created Sep 3, 2012
Unity Script: Fade Orthello sprite in or out
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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class FadeSprite : MonoBehaviour {
public enum FadeDirection { FadeOut, FadeIn }
public FadeDirection Direction = FadeDirection.FadeOut;
public float Speed = 0.0f;
markusrt / Player.cs
Created Jul 24, 2012
Unity: Check if player stopped falling and position on ground
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if ( Physics.Raycast(
new Vector3(
-Vector3.up, out hit, 0.7f, groundMask) ||
new Vector3(
markusrt / debug.bat
Created Jan 11, 2012
Enables debugging for a specified executable. This causes a debugger [vsjitdebugger.exe] to be launched each time the program starts.
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@echo off
REM Config section, change if required
set REG=C:\Windows\System32\reg.exe
set DEBUGGER=vsjitdebugger.exe
REM Config section end
set method=enable
set debugExe=
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