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View map-generation.clj
(def TILES
{:floor {:type :floor
:blocking false
:opaque false
:glyph "."}
:wall {:type :wall
:blocking true
:opaque true
:glyph "#"}
View cljfmt config - Tonsky style
:cljfmt {:remove-consecutive-blank-lines? false
:indents ^:replace {#"^[-*+!?_a-zA-Z]" [[:inner 0]]}}
View WeiyunExporter.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name WeiyunExporter
// @namespace
// @version 0.1
// @description try to take over the world!
// @author You
// @match*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
View lsp message exmaple
Content-Length: 58
Content-Length: 52
View aria2.rb
class Aria2 < Formula
desc "Download with resuming and segmented downloading"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "1e2b7fd08d6af228856e51c07173cfcf987528f1ac97e04c5af4a47642617dfd"
bottle do
cellar :any
sha256 "9cc5e04be8b0a58d1f2b60b8abfc636168edbf23e7018003c40f1dd6952aab0c" => :catalina
sha256 "761836ac608eb0a59d4a6f6065860c0e809ce454692e0937d9d0d89ad47f3ce4" => :mojave
View cherry-api urls

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am markx on github.
  • I am markx ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCnctcAu2m4b_QictI41mOoJ11QqJ4rrQ0Lq-5jDzjSwAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View step0.js
const readline = require('readline');
function READ(x) {
return x;
function EVAL(x) {
return x;
View tencent server domains
View query string uitl
* Parse query string into an object.
* @method queryStringToObject
* @param {String} str Query string. Use the query string from URL if this parameter is not provided.
* @return {Object} Returns the object created from query string
queryStringToObject: function (str) {
var i, pair;
var result = {};