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mastef mastef

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mastef / anything.js
Created February 12, 2019 08:22
hltv toggle comment threads on click
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function postClick() {
var results = $(this).nextUntil('.post');
var a = 0;
for(i=0;i<results.length;i++) {
if($(results[0]).hasClass('threading')) {
mastef / functions.php
Last active January 31, 2022 06:50
Pods : How to add Custom Admin Table Columns to a Pods ACT
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only important name is the filter name :
if your pods is called "client" then call it
you can rename all functions to your liking
add_filter( 'pods_admin_ui_PODNAME', 'custom_admin_table_columns_for_PODNAME' );
mastef / circular.hx
Created July 11, 2018 11:52
haxe json circular reference patch
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var _data:Dynamic = ...;
var cache:Array<Dynamic> = [];
var jsonString = haxe.Json.stringify(_data, function(key:Dynamic, value:Dynamic) {
// kill keys you don't want here
// if(key == "ba") return null;
// only filter objects
if(value != null && Reflect.isObject(value)) {
if(cache.indexOf(value) > -1) {
mastef / HTML5Application.hx
Last active February 4, 2018 02:35
openfl - Hunt for 24 fps part 2
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package lime._backend.html5;
import js.html.KeyboardEvent;
import js.Browser;
import lime.ui.GamepadAxis;
mastef / Trace.hx
Created January 18, 2018 08:41
haxe trace to console.log with objects instead of strings
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// check browser console in
class Trace {
static function main() {
var a = {};
Reflect.setProperty(a, "b", "c");
mastef / Dockerfile
Last active December 10, 2017 08:48
openfl-modular testing
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FROM openfl/openfl:develop
## install node/npm
ADD /opt/
RUN chmod +x /opt/ && /opt/
RUN apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends nodejs
## tests need these modules, let's have them in global namespace
RUN npm install http-server -g
RUN npm install webpack -g
mastef / crontab
Last active November 14, 2017 08:37
Remember wifi names and ip addresses - in case the router's dhcp stops working you can still reconnect to it
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# chmod +x, then
# type `crontab -e` and add this line :
* * * * * $HOME/wifiremember/
mastef / gist:9a84666759796ae9df65edde69130465
Last active June 10, 2022 13:03
Extract Pricing template from Google Play Console to .csv format
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// Go to "All Applications" / "Settings" / "Pricing templates" and select the template you want to export
javascript: (function(e, s) {
e.src = s;
e.onload = function() {
console.log('jQuery injected');
$ = jQuery;
mastef / isexist_vs_isnotexist.go
Created February 4, 2016 08:30
os.IsExist(err) vs os.IsNotExist(err)
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Watch out, os.IsExist(err) != !os.IsNotExist(err)
They are error checkers, so use them only when err != nil, and you want to handle
specific errors in a different way!
Their main purpose is to wrap around OS error messages for you, so you don't have to test
for Windows/Unix/Mobile/other OS error messages for "file exists/directory exists" and
"file does not exist/directory does not exist"
mastef / sortable.js
Last active December 30, 2015 09:33
jQuery UI Sortable wrapper for Angular that works with $firebaseArray methods
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jQuery UI Sortable plugin wrapper for $firebaseArray
@param [ui-sortable] {object} Options to pass to $.fn.sortable() merged onto ui.config
angular.module('ui.sortable', [])
.directive('uiSortable', [
'uiSortableConfig', '$timeout', '$log',
function(uiSortableConfig, $timeout, $log) {