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Created September 8, 2021 06:36
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Gitignore for Unreal Engine 5
# Visual Studio 2015 user specific files
# Compiled Object files
# Precompiled Headers
# Compiled Dynamic libraries
# Fortran module files
# Compiled Static libraries
# Executables
# These project files can be generated by the engine
# Precompiled Assets
# Builds
# Whitelist PakBlacklist-<BuildConfiguration>.txt files
# Don't ignore icon files in Build
# Configuration files generated by the Editor
# Compiled source files for the engine to use
# Cache files for the editor to use
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Chreas commented Sep 21, 2022

The .gitignore file provided by Github (at least I think it was provided by Github) also lists Binary Files. Is there a reason you didn't ignore them?

Binary Files


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We tested it with the Unreal Engine 5 project Valley of the ancient. The default gitignore file did not work, because Unreal needed some modules to start the project. So when a collaborator was pulling that project, he could not start it. Removing Binaries and Plugins solved that problem for us. It can be that it's because of the "Plugins" folder only, but I would need to investigate further.

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Chreas commented Sep 22, 2022

Thanks for the insight!

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