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Last active Jan 5, 2021
2020 books read

These were books given as gifts and those I wanted to read. It can be quite fun to read a book and discuss it with others. Note, I am someone who likes reading a variety of ideas, including those that contradict each other, as was the case in these books.

The Books

  • Beyond Sight by Gayle Sommerfeld
  • Competing Against Luck by Clayton Christenson, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, and David S. Duncan
  • The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff
  • The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis
  • I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Athiest by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek
  • The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry by John Mark Comer
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Last active Sep 18, 2018
helm initial org election

The names are in alpha order by first name.

Those who have been nominated and accepted:

  • Adam Reese (adamreese) - Microsoft - helm core
  • Adnan Abdulhussein (prydonius) - Bitnami - helm core, charts, monocular
  • Josh Dolitsky (jdolitsky) - Codefresh - chartmuseum
  • Matt Butcher (technosophos) - Microsoft - helm core, monocular
  • Matt Farina (mattfarina) - Samsung SDS - helm core, charts
  • Matt Fisher (bacongobbler) - Microsoft - helm core
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Created Sep 7, 2018
Helm Project Maintainers 2018-09-07

On September 7, 2018 this is the list of project maintainers (I think).

Helm core:

  • adamreese
  • bacongobbler
  • fibonacci1729
  • jascott1
  • mattfarina
  • michelleN
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# This is a deployment with an init container to get the source for nginx
apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
name: nginx-app
app: nginx
replicas: 1

[WG NAME] WG Proposal



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Last active Jan 26, 2018
k8s Uncommon CI and Automation Experiences

Kubernetes Uncommon CI And Automation Tooling Experiences

Kubernetes has a number of unique challenges, such as the high number of pull requests being merged to the main kubernetes repositories, which have necessaitated building custom tooling to handle these situations. Many projects of this size and scale have gone through the same process, such as Cloud Foundry which has released their tooling for others to use via Concourse.

Why it's important to capture uncommon tooling features and experiences

Developers who work on Kubernetes will often work on other projects in parallel. For example, they may have their own deployment tools, be building applications that run in Kubernetes, or have applications they work on for the companies they work for.

In addition to working on other projects in parallel, developers typically come from other software projects to start on Kubernetes. Few, if any, have ever started their software development journey on Kubernetes itself.

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Last active Dec 21, 2021
Large Projects on GitHub

Large Projects on GitHub

This document attempts to capture some detail about large projects on GitHub. That includes looking at what tools they are using, what processes they use, and how much interaction they have.

This document is intended to provide a high level overview rather than dig into all of the details.


The projects that will be looked at are:

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"info": {
"Description": "Install complete",
"first_deployed": {
"nanos": 869943809,
"seconds": 1510866024
"last_deployed": {
"nanos": 869943809,
"seconds": 1510866024

Hosted Chart Repository Requirements


Kubernetes Helm has the ability to work with remotely hosted Charts. While charts can be seen in the community provided charts, the charts themselves can be privately or separately hosted for an organization or individual.

There are currently 3 major ways to host your own chart repository:

  • Helm provides a means to generate a chart repository that can be hosted on a web server, object storage, or via a similar setup.
  • App Registry provides a system, similar to the handling of Docker images, to store charts. In this setup one can push or pull charts in a similar way to container images. There is a spec and Quay, the image hosting service, has implemented it. For Helm to interact with this API a plugin is required.