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Helm Project Maintainers 2018-09-07

On September 7, 2018 this is the list of project maintainers (I think).

Helm core:

  • adamreese
  • bacongobbler
  • fibonacci1729
  • jascott1
  • mattfarina
  • michelleN
  • nebril
  • prydonius
  • SlickNik
  • technosophos
  • thomastaylor312
  • viglesiasce


  • lachie83
  • linki
  • mgoodness
  • prydonius
  • sameersbn
  • seanknox
  • viglesiasce
  • foxish
  • unguiculus
  • scottrigby
  • mattfarina
  • davidkarlsen
  • paulczar


  • jdolitsky


  • migmartri
  • Angelmmiguel
  • jackfrancis
  • technosophos
  • prydonius


  • flynnduism
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ankushchadha commented Sep 10, 2018

Hi @mattfarina, what're the criteria to nominate project maintainers (specifically for charts)?

And with a distributed repository model, what will be the added responsibilities for the chart project owners?

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mattfarina commented Sep 10, 2018

@ankushchadh each project has their own setup for adding project maintainers. The short answer for charts is the following:

  • Current charts maintainers can nominate someone and then we vote
  • The nomination and voting is looking for people who are active reviewers and overall maintainers of charts
  • If someone is interested in being part of that can start by reviewing charts. Especially those who do not have owners. And, they can get involved with the overall tooling.

The charts maintainers responsibilities is going to shift a little from the community charts to the distributed site and tooling as we make the shift. The charts maintainers are the ones owning and driving that.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out 1:1.

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