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Last active May 10, 2024 18:24
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AudioWrangler Support

For any questions or inquiries please contact

AudioWrangler Privacy Policy

Effective date: May 2, 2021

We don't store any data on you, period. We're proud to produce software that puts the user first.

All data needed for AudioWrangler to function stays on your local device. There is no value in sending it elsewhere, so we have no reason to even try to amass it. We don't use any sort of analytics software, either.

Additionally, there are no intermediary or third parties involved in your use of AudioWrangler. There's absolutely no reason for there to be! It's simply a small app that improves your user experience.

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jbenet commented Jun 28, 2022

Hey @mattgreen

  • great job on AudioWrangler -- it precisely solves a very annoying set of problems.

Feature request: have a way so new devices are added to the end of the Input or Output list.

  • currently they are added to the top, prioritizing them above everything else.
  • Perhaps this could use a checkbox or toggle on each Input and Output screen, to set a mode. ("add new devices to top" or "add new devices to bottom" of the list)
  • This is particularly important if you travel a lot and encounter many new devices all the time, in particular monitors which pretend to have sound I/O capabilities, and hijack I/O from dedicated headphones.

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I'm only upset I didn't find this app sooner! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There is one oddity I noticed: AirPods seem to (at least sometimes) trigger a notification loop on a secondary non-active computer; I suspect the AirPods are signaling availability to the computer that isn't actively playing audio and AudioWrangler detects it as a connected audio device, but then it's not actually connected and AudioWrangler switches back to the original inputs, but then the AirPods signal availability...and it just loops constantly, so if notifications are turned on, it's a constant popup loop!

I've noticed this on both M2 and Intel based MacBook Pros, running the latest version of AudioWrangler and macOS Sonoma 14.4.1. Though I'm not sure it always happens. I've replicated it, but not reliably?

I'm not sure if there's any harm in a constant device switching loop, but it's at least annoying when notifications are turned on (I appreciate the confirmation that devices have been updated correctly, when they're not stuck in a loop!).

Anyway, thanks again. I really, really appreciate the app. Managing a combination of USB and Bluetooth audio devices is incredibly frustrating without this utility.

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@jeinselen thank you for reporting this! That sounds like a very annoying issue. :)

Let me think on how to remediate this best, because I could see this happening again for others.

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jeinselen commented May 8, 2024

@mattgreen I got a screenshot! Of note, my AirPods are NOT named with a "... (2)" at the end; that only appears during the device switching loop, and doesn't even show up as an actual device in the AudioWrangler list (just the normal AirPods name).


Edit 1: looks like GitHub isn't loading the screenshot. 😔

Edit 2: the "(2)" designation does NOT show up all the time. Yesterday and today it's only displayed the expected device name. I was hopeful maybe there'd be a name alteration that would indicate if it was a "phantom" audio device (inactive-but-available BLE connection?) or not. But I guess not. Sorry. 🙁

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