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Doing things

Matthew Phillips matthewp

Doing things
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matthewp / Makefile
Created Jul 7, 2020
Lambda makefile
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zip -r $@ $^
@rm -f deploy.json
.PHONY: clean
aws lambda update-function-code --function-name my-function-name --zip-file fileb://./$^ > $@
matthewp / demo.js
Created Jun 23, 2020
Import strangeness
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let error1, error2;
try {
await import('/mod.js');
} catch(err) {
error1 = err;
try {
await import('/mod.js');
matthewp /
Last active Jan 15, 2020
A Proposed Addendum to the Extensible Web Manifesto
matthewp /
Last active Jan 7, 2020
QOSDK Release Notes - ES Export

This release adds support for a JavaScript module entry point. If you are using a bundler like webpack this will be used automatically and you do not need to make any changes.


Usage is described in the readme. In short you can import any of the primary classes like so:

import {
matthewp / .gitignore
Created Dec 31, 2019
Minimal example
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This is a huge release for Haunted, one of the biggest since the initial release. Before getting into features I want to give some appreciate to @jdin, @Gladear, and @chase-moskal who all made tremendous contributions to this release. That cannot go overstated, I did only a small part of this release, the Haunted community is what keeps this project alive. ❤️ 🎃 . Now that the sappy stuff is complete, on to the features!

State API

At its core Haunted is a container for state and lifecycle callbacks that is derived from hooks like useState, useMemo, even useEffect. With the component() API you get more than just that, you also get a scheduler that handles rendering and committing the result.

A lot of people have wanted to use hooks outside of the context of Haunted components. One example is using hooks inside of a LitElement component. The new State API enables this, by exposing the low-level part of Haunted which is its state container.

View nuxt.config.js
export default {
mode: 'universal',
** Headers of the page
head: {
title: process.env.npm_package_name || '',
meta: [
{ charset: 'utf-8' },
matthewp / fixture.js
Created Sep 10, 2019
Fixtures and schema merging
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let RelativeDate = {
[Symbol.for("")](value) {
if( date === "yesterday" ) {
return new Date()- 1000*24
return date;
[Symbol.for("can.isMember")](value) {
return value instanceof Date;
View machine.js
function valueEnumerable(value) {
return { enumerable: true, value };
function valueEnumerableWritable(value) {
return { enumerable: true, writable: true, value };
let truthy = () => true;
let empty = () => ({});
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