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Help Storybook properly handle the relevant Stitches variants & props
import type * as Stitches from "@stitches/react";
import { modifyVariantsForStory } from "../../../.storybook/type-utils";
import { styled } from "../../stitches.config";
const Example = styles("div", {
// ...
export default Example;
type ExampleVariants = Stitches.VariantProps<typeof Example>;
interface ExampleProps extends ExampleVariants {}
// Use this as the type in Story; i.e. `ComponentMeta<typeof ButtonStory>`
export const ExampleStory = modifyVariantsForStory<ExampleVariants, ExampleProps, typeof Example>(Example);
import type * as Stitches from "@stitches/react";
interface StitchesMedia {
[x: string]: any;
initial?: any;
as?: any;
css?: Stitches.CSS;
// We exclude these type properties from the `ComponentVariants` type so that storybook can more
// easily understand the type arguments. We exclude `"true"` and `"false"` strings as well since
// stitches also adds these, and they aren't necessary for storybook controls.
type StitchesPropsToExclude = "true" | "false" | StitchesMedia;
export function modifyVariantsForStory<ComponentVariants, ComponentProps, ComponentType>(
component: ((props: ComponentProps) => JSX.Element) | ComponentType
) {
type ComponentStoryVariants = {
[Property in keyof ComponentVariants]: Exclude<
type ComponentStoryProps = Omit<ComponentProps, keyof ComponentVariants> &
return component as unknown as (props: ComponentStoryProps) => JSX.Element;
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AbdallahAbis commented May 12, 2022

is there a way to ley modifyVariantsForStory accept a displayName of the component, because now storybook code block shows so wanted a way to make it show .

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lamualfa commented Sep 17, 2022

Thank you very much. It is beneficial.

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