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lithdew /
Last active May 20, 2021
zig: `std.x` wishlist
  • Include std.x.os.Reactor.

A high-level I/O event reactor interface that wraps over event notification systems like epoll, kqueue.

Plan is to get epoll done first, kqueue second, select third, then iocp/afd fourth.

  • Include std.x.os.Socket.setLinger(linger_for_num_seconds: ?u16) !void.
  • Include std.x.os.Socket.getRemoteAddress() !std.x.Socket.Address.
  • Include std.x.os.Socket.setKeepAlive(enabled bool) !void.
  • Include std.x.os.Socket.(r|R)eader(flags) and std.x.os.Socket.(w|W)riter(flags).