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Sometimes Mac's accessibility permissions becomes corrupted, and weird things start to happen.

For example, Steam applications will complain that accessibility permissions are required, even though they apparently are already granted.

To fix this, reset the accessibility permissions cache:

  1. Launch
  2. Enter tccutil reset Accessibility
  3. Quit Terminal
  4. Launch System Preferences
  5. Select Security & Privacy
  6. Select the Privacy tab
  7. Unlock the console.
  8. Add the appropriate application (e.g. /Applications/
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shirazy747 commented Mar 14, 2020

Thank you for info you brought BUT,
1- My macbook pro has stuck in VOICEOVER and no matter what ever I do , Damn VO still working , any Key , i here the VOICE
2- I did your instructions step by step through terminal COMM but no joy.
3- Is it possible to be a malware or a virus thing controlling VO?
4- It is really a PITN HELP pleeeeease
Thank you

Please help me

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shirazy747 commented Mar 14, 2020

Macbook pro 15 inch early 2013 accessibility out of control

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