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mcgodfrey / homebrew_temperature_logger_log_file.c
Created Mar 26, 2016
Log to SD function from homebrew temperature logger
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* Logs current temperature data to SD card.
* Note that the global variable "filename" must be initialised
* File format is:
* datestring,sensor0_name,temp0,sensor1_name,temp1,sensor2_name,temp2
* datestring,sensor0_name,temp0,sensor1_name,temp1,sensor2_name,temp2
byte log_temps(char *date_str){
File f =, FILE_WRITE);
if(f) {
mcgodfrey / homebrew_temperature_logger_temperature.c
Created Mar 26, 2016
Code snippet for temperature measurement in homebrew temperature logger
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void measure_temps(){
DateTime t =; //get the current timestamp
datetime2str(t, date_str);
//trigger a temperature measurement
conversionTimer.restart(); //Set up timer for temperature conversion to complete
mcgodfrey / homebrew_temperature_logger_buttons.c
Created Mar 26, 2016
Code snippet for button presses in homebrew temperature logger
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void loop() {
//poll the buttons
mcgodfrey / homebrew_temperature_logger_timers.c
Created Mar 26, 2016
Code snippet for timers in homebrew temperature logger
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void loop() {
//poll the timers
//if any of these have expired then their callback will automatically run.;;;
//reset the display timeout timer if a button was pressed
if(button_up.pushed() || button_down.pushed() || button_select.pushed()){
mcgodfrey / mojo_top_servo_demo.v
Last active Mar 6, 2016
Example servo control module in Verilog. Sweeps 4 servo motors back and forth at different speeds.
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Servo motor control demo module
Four servos swing back and forth with different speeds.
module mojo_top(
input clk, // 50MHz clock input
//remaining default inputs/outputs omitted
output [3:0] servo_out //PWM output lines for each servo
//Usual setup code omitted (setting SPI lines, reset, etc.
mcgodfrey / servo_controller.v
Last active Dec 12, 2021
Servo controller in verilog. Takes an 8-bit position and converts it into the pwm signal required by a servo motor.
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servo controller
Based on code from Mojo tutorial
Takes an 8-bit position as an input
Output a single pwm signal with period of ~20ms
Pulse width = 1ms -> 2ms full scale. 1.5ms is center position
module servo_controller (
mcgodfrey / counter.v
Last active Apr 23, 2020
Up-down counter (8-bit) in verilog for servo control example
View counter.v
8 bit up-down counter.
Based on code from Mojo tutorial
/\ /\
/ \ / \
/ \/ \
The CRT_LEN determines the period of the resulting counter
module counter #(parameter CTR_LEN = 27) (
mcgodfrey / power_supply.c
Last active Jan 1, 2016
Code for power supply display
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* Voltage and current monitor for lab supply
* LCD and analog input pin assignments as shown below
* Matt Godfrey, 2015
#include <LiquidCrystal.h>