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Matt Colyer mcolyer

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mcolyer / updateclosing.js
Created May 31, 2014
My function for Google App Script to grab tickers
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function updateClosingPrice() {
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var positions = spreadsheet.getRangeByName('positions')
var values = positions.getValues();
var numRows = positions.getNumRows();
// Collect all of the symbols
var symbols = [];
for (var i = 0; i <= numRows - 1; i++) {
var row = values[i];
mcolyer / chapters-to-sbv.rb
Created Jan 16, 2014
A very simple tool to convert from [subler]( chapter export to SBV subtitle format so that youtube will accept it.
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
contents =[0])
values = {}
chapters = []
contents.each_line do |line|
key, value = line.split('=')
values[key] = value.strip
next if key =~ /NAME/
mcolyer /
Last active Dec 16, 2015 — forked from stomita/
Build PhantomJS
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential chrpath git-core libssl-dev libfontconfig1-dev -y
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="stomp.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
if ("WebSocket" in window) {
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#innodb_log_file_size=256M BROKEN
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# Q: What are the Field Tags that I can add to my messages?
You can easily insert a tag into your email for your contact's first name, last name, phone number, or any other information that you have included for those contacts within your lists. Remember, you need to import this information for all contacts before you can reference it in your emails. If you have fields named:
* firstname
* lastname
* state
then you could include this data in your email with the corresponding tags
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stat64("/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=10131640, ...}) = 0
stat64("/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=10131640, ...}) = 0
open("/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/", O_RDONLY) = 10
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<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
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document.write("<img src=\"\" width=\"468\" height=\"60\" />")
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usbmuxd: starting
usb_set_debug: Setting debugging level to 3 (on)
usbmuxd: Successfully dropped privileges
usbmuxd: waiting for connection
usbmuxd: new client connected (fd=5)
usbmuxd: usbmuxd_client_init_thread[426f3950]: started (fd=5)
usbmuxd: usbmuxd_client_init_thread[426f3950]: Got scan packet!
usb_os_init: Found USB VFS at /dev/bus/usb
usb_os_find_busses: Found 008
usb_os_find_busses: Found 006