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Generate Pokémon data with evolution family
# data/pokemon.csv from
# The last 5 to 10 rows needed to be manually fixed to have the correct number of columns
# data/evolutions-raw.csv is manually scraped from
# Terminology note: a "base" of a Pokemon "family" is the unevolved form from
# which other Pokemon in the family come from. For example, Squirtle is the
# base of Wartortle and Blastoise, and these three are members of the "Squirtle"
# family (and possibly Mega Blastoise too)
pokemon_raw <- read_csv("data/pokemon.csv") %>%
janitor::clean_names() %>%
mutate( # minor corrections
name = gsub("Nidoran F", "Nidoran ♀", name),
name = gsub("Nidoran M", "Nidoran ♂", name),
name = gsub("Conviknight", "Corviknight", name),
name = gsub("Convisquire", "Corvisquire", name),
# also
legendary = as.logical(legendary)
evolutions_raw <- "data/evolutions-raw.csv" %>%
read_csv() %>%
separate_rows(first, second, sep = "\n")
# every base Pokemon is in its eponymous family
evolutions_raw %>% transmute(base, evolution = base),
evolutions_raw %>% transmute(base, evolution = first) %>% filter(!,
evolutions_raw %>% transmute(base, evolution = second) %>% filter(!
) %>%
rename(family = base) %>%
distinct() %>%
# reload in case there were errors in (de)serialisation:
evolutions <- read_csv("data/evolutions.csv")
# This is where it gets a bit weird because of mega-evolutions
# We join the Pokedex numbers from the pokemon dataset onto the evolution
# dataset, and then we join the families onto the pokemon dataset using the
# Pokedex numbers. This works because mega-evolutions share a Pokedex number
# with the Pokemon from which they mega-evolve.
# Some may be missing here because the evolution dataset has more recent
# Pokemon than the pokemon dataset, eg. Corviknight
evolutions_with_numbers <- evolutions %>%
left_join(select(pokemon_raw, name, number), by = c("evolution" = "name" )) %>%
select(number, family)
pokemon_raw %>%
left_join(evolutions_with_numbers, by = "number") %>%
select(number, name, type1, type2, hp:total, family, legendary, color) %>%
rowwise() %>%
family = ifelse(, strsplit(name, " ")[[1]], family)
) %>%
ungroup() %>%
distinct() %>%
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