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Last active May 4, 2022 13:23
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hn job query search
/* Hacker News Search Script
* Original Script by Kristopolous:
* Usage:
* First, copy the script into your browser's console whilst on the Hacker News
* jobs page. Then, you can use the query function to filter the results.
* For example,
* query(AND('python', 'remote')) // Finds remote python jobs
* query(OR('python', javascript')) // Finds jobs using python or js.
* You can also stack logical operators. For example:
* query(AND('remote', OR('python', 'javascript'))) // Remote python or js.
* Supported logical operators:
* NOT, not The logical NOT / inverse operator:
* True if the sole operand is false.
* AND, and The logical AND / conjunction operator:
* All operands must be true.
* OR, IOR, or, ior The logical (inclusive) OR / disjunction:
* Any operand is true.
* XOR, EXOR, xor, exor The logial exclusive OR / disjunction:
* Precisely one of the two inputs is true.
* In addition, most of these operators have a negated version. (Usually by
* prepending N or n to the name.)
// Takes arguments and produces an array of functions that accept context
function handle_arg(arg) {
// Presumably already a contex-accepting function.
if(arg instanceof Function) return arg;
// Make arrays behave as a logical AND.
if(arg instanceof Array) return and.apply(this, arg);
// Presuming a string, build a function to check.
var my_regex = new RegExp(arg.toString(), 'i');
return context => > -1;
// Perform a logical AND on any number of arguments.
AND = and = (...args) => c => => a(c));
NAND = NOT = nand = not = (...args) => c => !and(...args)(c);
// Performs a logic OR
IOR = OR = ior = or = (...args) => c => => a(c));
NIOR = INOR = NOR = nior = inor = nor = (...args) => not(or(...args));
// Performs an XOR. This implementation actually allows N arguments and is
// truthy as long as at least one is truthy and one is falsy. This is a
// non-standard extension as extending XOR is ambiguous.
EXOR = XOR = exor = xor = (...args) => and(or(...args), nand(...args));
nexor = exnor = nxor = xnor = (...args) => not(xor(...args));
// This traverses up the dom stack trying to find a match of a specific class
function up_to(node, klass) {
while(!node.classList.contains(klass)) node = node.parentNode;
return node;
// Set display on a particular thread.
function display(node, what) {
up_to(node, 'athing').style.display = what;
function query(...args) {
var job_list =
var the_query = or(...args);
// Check each job for a match, and show it if it matches.
job_list.forEach(n => display(n, 'none'));
var shown = job_list.filter(n => the_query(n.innerHTML));
shown.forEach(n => display(n, 'block'));
return {shown: shown.length, total: job_list.length}
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I love your take on this script. The ability to say "not('x')" is very helpful.

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Also just wanted to say thanks for the added functionality as well! 💯

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Add usage instructions in the comments please!

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colobas commented May 2, 2017

Hey @meiamsome , thanks for the helpful work!
Had to change the display function to make it work:

  function display(node, what) {
    up_to(node, 'athing comtr ').style.display = what;

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Hey all,

Just updated the script to use arrow functions, added some usage help as requested by @adomasven and fixed the issue reported by @colobas. If your browser doesn't support the arrow functions, the old version is available in the revisions page.

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cmanny commented Jul 5, 2017

If this is the quality of a gist then what REPOs have you got man?

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you are so cool

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