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Helpful Terms for Folder Poetry
Word Notes
Folder Poetry The practice of using the structure of computer folder organization as a new kind of poetic form like the haiku or iambic pentameter. By naming and nesting folders and files, we can create unfolding narratives, rhythmic prose, and choose-your-own-adventure poetry.
terminal An application to control and make changes to your operating system by typing text commands. In this class we'll use the terminal to create folder poetry. On Windows, the terminal program we'll use is called Git Bash
terminal commands text commands to control your computer when entered into a command prompt like the terminal. The commands we'll learn will be in a language called Bash.
Bash is the programming language we use in the terminal, often one line at a time, but we can also put Bash code in a file and run that file.
command prompt is a symbol or series of characters at the beginning of a line that indicates the system is ready to receive input. It other words, it prompts the user for a command. The default command prompt looks something like: username@computername ~ $
folder (also referred to as directory) is an organizational regime imposed on your computer used to store and organize files and other folders
file is an object on a computer which stores data, information, settings, or commands to be used with various computer programs
file types indicate how data has been stored and how to read or open files in specific programs. for example, .txt files open in a text editor, .jpg files open in an image viewer/editor. full list of file formats and extensions here
file path tells you the location of a file in a system. for example users/username/Desktop/cat/meow.txt
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