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Installing homebrew to use the tree command

To install tree to get those nice screenshots:

  1. go here: and copy and paste that long line of text underneath the heading "Install Homebrew" into your terminal and press return
  2. it will ask you for your admin password, type it in ternminal even thought it's invisible! and press return
  3. it will ask you to press return, press return!
  4. after you see your command prompt again, the install of homebrew is done.
  5. now we install tree. type: brew install tree and press return
The erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. It is an internal sense of satisfaction to which, once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire. For having experienced the fullness of this depth of feeling and recognizing its power, in honor and self-respect we can require no less of ourselves. It is never easy to demand the most from ourselves, from our lives, from our work. To encourage excellence is to go beyond the encouraged mediocrity of our society is to encourage excellence. But giving in to the fear of feeling and working to capacity is a luxury only the unintentional can afford, and the unintentional are those who do not wish to guide their own destinies.
This internal requirement toward excellence which we learn from the erotic must not be misconstrued as demanding the impossible from ourselves nor from others. Such a demand incapacitates everyone in the process.
For the erotic is not a question only of what we do; it is a question
#!/bin/bash -
#description :This script will sequentially print a directory, along with the file name and directory name.
#author :Matthew Ragan & Zoe Sandoval
#date :20200702
#!/bin/bash -
#description :This script will sequentially print a directory.
#author :Matthew Ragan & Zoe Sandoval
#date :20200702
# Bash File to Sequence Printing Files
# For 'each' file ending .txt that is found in the directory
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Helpful Terms for Folder Poetry
Word Notes
Folder Poetry The practice of using the structure of computer folder organization as a new kind of poetic form like the haiku or iambic pentameter. By naming and nesting folders and files, we can create unfolding narratives, rhythmic prose, and choose-your-own-adventure poetry.
terminal An application to control and make changes to your operating system by typing text commands. In this class we'll use the terminal to cr

Helpful Codes which may or may not be useful

These lines of code are meant to be run in your terminal by pasting and pressing enter one after the other.

For newer Mac's to switch from zsh to bash

  • chsh -s $(which bash)
  • chsh -s /bin/bash
  • More info here
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Bash & Terminal Commands (For Folder Poetry)

🎲 Bash & Terminal commands

Command Description
cd change directory
cd .. change directory one level back
ls list contents of directory
pwd print working directory
mkdir foldername create a folder named foldername
touch dandelion.txt create a file named dandelion.txt

Always Already Programming

Everyone who interacts with computers has in important ways always already been programming them.

Every time you make a folder or rename a file on your computer, the actions you take through moving your mouse and clicking on buttons, translate into text-based commands or scripts which eventually translate into binary.

Why are the common conceptions of programmer and user so divorced from each other? The distinction between programmer and user is reinforced and maintained by a tech industry that benefits from a population rendered computationally passive. If we accept and adopt the role of less agency, we then make it harder for ourselves to come into more agency.

We've unpacked the "user" a little, now let's look at the "programmer." When a programmer is writing javascript, they are using prewritten, packaged functions and variables in order to carry out the actions they want their code to do. In this way, the programmer is also the user. Why is using pre-made scripts seen

P2P Folder Poetry SFPC YCAM

What if we could transform our online networks from something we passively receive to something we actively create? Folder Poetry is the practice of using the structure of computer folder organization as a new kind of poetic form like the haiku or iambic pentameter. By naming and nesting folders and files, we can create unfolding narratives, rhythmic prose, and choose-your-own-adventure poetry. In this workshop we will collectively create peer-to-peer folder poetry using the command line and Dat. Through lecture, examples, and writing folder poetry as meditation, we will explore the narrative qualities of folder structures and DAT as a tool for building digital spaces with and for our networks.

In this session we will get intimate with computers and write poetry with their logic. This workshop is an introduction to writing folder poetry, the P2P protocol Dat, and navigating the command line interface using Bash.

Together, we will create living networked poetry through connecti

📞 🌿 Detroit Students' Peer-to-Peer address book on the distributed web

Folder Poetry Prompt: 🏡 A Village You Want to Live In

  • Write about the village you would like to imagine living in. This can take the form of a paragraph, a mind map, or a list. Bring your writing to class to share with each other tommorrow.
  • your description does not have to be realistic or even physically probable. What would your ideal living environment look like? What is your utopia?
  • What is your village called?
  • Consider how you would like to share space with others in your environment.
  • In your village, how do you communicate and care for each other? How are people held?