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P2P Folder Poetry Detroit

📞 🌿 Detroit Students' Peer-to-Peer address book on the distributed web

Folder Poetry Prompt: 🏡 A Village You Want to Live In

  • Write about the village you would like to imagine living in. This can take the form of a paragraph, a mind map, or a list. Bring your writing to class to share with each other tommorrow.
  • your description does not have to be realistic or even physically probable. What would your ideal living environment look like? What is your utopia?
  • What is your village called?
  • Consider how you would like to share space with others in your environment.
  • In your village, how do you communicate and care for each other? How are people held?
  • What kinds of public spaces does your village have and how are they accessed?
  • Be as specific as you can. What kinds of plants and animals live in your village or in your garden at home? What kinds of rooms does your home contain? What objects and feelings do these rooms hold for you?
  • Consider the ephemeral aspects of your village as much as the physical aspects.
  • What are the emotional qualities of the spaces in your village?
  • What is the weather like in your village?
  • How are different parts of your village accessed and by whom?


Technical Notes

Folder & File Requirements for P2P Folder Poetry

  • For our folder poetry, every file has to have something in it, and every folder has to have a file in it.
  • Naming files and folders
    • All lowercase
    • No spaces.
      • Underscores and dashes are ok (for example, my_folder or my-folder)
  • File types
    • .txt.html.css.js
  • Keep track of your file path. Whenever we are computing, we are always doing so from a specific location in your computers file tree.
    • ../../../ This line represents a file path 3 levels deep.

Bash Commands

Command Description
cd change directory
cd .. change directory one level back
ls list contents of directory
pwd parent working directory
open . open folder with finder
open filename.txt opens file in Text Edit
cat print contents
touch filename.txt create a file named filename.txt
mkdir foldername/ create a folder named filename.txt
rm -rf filename.txt remove file
rm foldername/ remove folder
mv filename.txt newfilename.txt rename a file
cp filename.txt filename2.txt copy file .
say "hello, whay is poetic computation?" speak out loud
man cd show the manual for 'cd'. Press q to quit

Keyboard Terminal Commands

Command Description
Up + Down Arrow keys scroll through history
Tab Key autocomplete

Editing a text file

command Description
nano textfile.txt open file in the nano text editor
"[ctrl] + [x] , [y] , [entr]" exit and save changes


  • Introductions
  • What is the story of your (folder) name?

Part I: Folder Poetry

Reintroduction to computers & computing

  • Folders/file systems
  • What is Folder Poetry and how will we be creating it?
  • What does it mean to put things into discrete categories
  • examples of folder-poetry
  • Sharing & Discussion of your villages

Part II: Terminal & Bash

  • You and your file path <3
  • Intro to bash and common commands
  • Tour of a village through bash
  • Creating our own folder-villages

Part III: Peer-to-Peer, DAT, & the Distributed Web

  • P2P means no middle man
  • Dat is a protocol for sharing data between computers.
  • Dat’s strengths are that data is hosted and distributed by many computers on the network, that it can work offline or with poor connectivity
  • The Distributed Web is about decentralization of servers and control
  • Data on the didtributed web is not indexed which means it is not searchable
  • We are creating a local internet island away from the default(larger) internet

Bringing your village to the distributed web

  • Open a totally new window in Terminal
  • cd folder-poetry this brings you into your folder-poetry folder
  • dat share this starts serving your folder on the P2P web
  • minimize this window so you dont touch it. Your folder will only be sharing as long as this terminal window is active and dat share-ing.
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