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metablaster / buildconfiguration.xml
Created September 1, 2019 14:37 — forked from ikrima/buildconfiguration.xml
Useful UBT flags/variables
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Configuration xmlns="">
<bBBLivePPEnabled>true</bBBLivePPEnabled> <!-- /* d=false */ -->
<bBBIGMemTraceEnabled>false</bBBIGMemTraceEnabled> <!-- /* d=false */ -->
<bBBMicroProfileEnabled>true</bBBMicroProfileEnabled> <!-- /* d=true */ -->
<bBBPythonEnabled>true</bBBPythonEnabled> <!-- /* d=true */ -->
<bBBExperimentalFeaturesEnabled>true</bBBExperimentalFeaturesEnabled> <!-- /* d=false */ -->
metablaster / build.cs
Created September 1, 2019 14:37 — forked from ikrima/build.cs
4.15 UE4 Optimized Build Rules
public BBR(TargetInfo Target)
//BuildConfiguration.RelativeEnginePath = /* ...*/;
//---BuildConfiguration.bOmitPCDebugInfoInDevelopment = true /* d=false */;
//BuildConfiguration.bSupportEditAndContinue = false /* d=false */;
//BuildConfiguration.bDisableDebugInfoForGeneratedCode = true /* d=true */;
//BuildConfiguration.bAllowLTCG = false /* d=false */;
metablaster / New-EncodingTestFiles.ps1
Created September 5, 2020 23:54 — forked from mklement0/New-EncodingTestFiles.ps1
PowerShell scripts for creating and reading test files with the standard Unicode character encoding schemes and default encodings.
Creates test text-based files with various character encodings.
Creates text-based test files using
* all 5 byte order-marked Unicode character encoding schemes,
both with and without BOM (Unicode signature)
* default encodings,
with the the platform's default encoding, [System.Text.Encoding]::Default
metablaster / .. MediaCreationTool.bat .md
Created November 28, 2020 15:31 — forked from AveYo/.. MediaCreationTool.bat
Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper for all MCT Windows 10 versions from 1507 to 20H2 with business (Enterprise) edition support

Preview1 Preview2

2018.10.10: reinstated 1809 [RS5]! using native xml patching for products.xml; fixed syntax bug with exit/b
2018.10.12: added data loss warning for RS5
2018.11.13: RS5 is officially back! + greatly improved choices dialog - feel free to use the small snippet in your own scripts
2019.05.22: 1903 [19H1]
2019.07.11: 1903 __release_svc_refresh__ and enable DynamicUpdate by default to grab latest CU
2019.09.29: UPDATED 19H1 build 18362.356 ; RS5 build 17763.379 and show build number
metablaster /
Created December 18, 2020 19:43 — forked from lukas-h/
Markdown License Badges for your Project

Markdown License badges

Collection of License badges for your Project's README file.
This list includes the most common open source and open data licenses.
Easily copy and paste the code under the badges into your Markdown files.


  • The badges do not fully replace the license informations for your projects, they are only emblems for the README, that the user can see the License at first glance.  

Translations: (No guarantee that the translations are up-to-date)

metablaster /
Created December 28, 2020 13:40 — forked from Odepax/
What I Understand about PowerShell Approved Verbs

PowerShell Tips

Write-Host vs Write-Output

Write-Host writes directly to the console; Write-Output writes to the pipeline, which often ends up to the console but not necessarily.

For example: Write-Host "The Cake is a lie" | Out-Null won't work as expected, Write-Output "The Cake is a lie" | Out-Null will.

False Friends

metablaster / Test-WinCredential.ps1
Created February 3, 2022 19:03 — forked from mklement0/Test-WinCredential.ps1
Test-WinCredential: PowerShell function for validating Windows domain / local user credentials.
function Test-WinCredential {
Validates Windows user credentials.
Validates a [pscredential] instance representing user-account credentials
against the current user's logon domain or local machine.
.PARAMETER Credential
metablaster /
Last active March 1, 2024 16:53
Resize swap partition on encrypted LVM


Shrink encrypted LVM root partition (463,77GB) by 23GB and resize swap partition (1G) to 24GB

NOTE: Substitute partition names and similar with names that match your system or command output

Resize encrypted LVM root partition

The following commands are run from live USB

You need spice-vdagent

Debian or Kali Linux installed to as KVM (libvirtd) guests do not automatically have qemu-guest-agent or spice-vdagent installed. This will prevent seamless movement of the mouse cursor between the guest and host desktop in Virtual Machine Manager (requiring the use of a Ctrl-Alt to release the cursor from the guest window).

To cure this, install both qemu-guest-agent and spice-vdagent on each guest and reboot (the guests).

$ sudo apt install qemu-guest-agent
$ sudo apt install spice-vdagent