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Script to show all 256 colors supported by xterms
"""Print a swatch using all 256 colors of 256-color-capable terminals."""
__author__ = "Marius Gedminas <>"
__url__ = ""
__version__ = '2.0'
def hrun(start, width, padding=0):
return [None] * padding + list(range(start, start + width)) + [None] * padding
def vrun(start, width, height, padding=0):
return [hrun(s, width, padding)
for s in range(start, start + width * height, width)]
layout = [
vrun(0, 8, 2), # 16 standard xterm colors
vrun(16, 6, 6 * 6, 1), # 6x6x6 color cube
vrun(16 + 6 * 6 * 6, 8, 3), # 24 grey levels
def fg_seq(color):
return '\033[38;5;%dm' % color
def bg_seq(color):
return '\033[48;5;%dm' % color
reset_seq = '\033[0m'
def color_bar(seq, color, trail):
if color is None:
return '%s %s' % (reset_seq, trail)
return '%s %03d%s' % (seq(color), color, trail)
def main():
for block in layout:
for row in block:
fg_bar = ''.join(color_bar(fg_seq, color, '') for color in row)
bg_bar = ''.join(color_bar(bg_seq, color, ' ') for color in row)
print('%s%s %s%s' % (fg_bar, reset_seq, bg_bar, reset_seq))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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mgedmin commented May 21, 2012


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mgedmin commented Nov 4, 2014

Version 2.0: support Python 3 (as well as Python 2).

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wow. Thats really cool!

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Really cool

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This is really nicely done. I was interested in running it without Python, so I wrote a Bash translation:

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thanks, it help me a lot!!

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mgedmin commented Mar 19, 2020

A newer version is at You can give it color numbers as command-line arguments and it'll show just those colors, plus their RGB values that match my terminal.

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In my opinion if the new py program has its pic, it will be better~
I do like your pic that help me get the right color in my little program.

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mgedmin commented Mar 19, 2020

Yeah, without any arguments it prints the same diagram as before.

I use the RGB values to make Vim color schemes to have guifg=#rrggbb match my ctermfg=208 etc.

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