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RubenKelevra / RethinkDB-story01.txt
Last active August 27, 2015 07:14
Blog: RethinkDB for system-statistics of freifunk-nodes
This story is about: How do we fetch, process and display nice statistics for
freifunk-nodes, running a free, open WiFi-Network.
Else we want to implement pushes for the owner of each freifunk-node, when
something goes wrong or offline.
Status Quo:
Currently we use some hacky bash scripts[1] which generates a text-file, curl it
to a php running server over https and dropping the latest values to a
UtahDave / rethinkdb.sls
Last active August 29, 2015 14:04
Salt State for RethinkDB on Ubuntu
- humanname: RethinkDB Repo
- name: deb {{ grains['oscodename'] }} main
- file: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rethinkdb.list
- key_url:
- require_in:
- pkg: rethinkdb
# Create display override file to force Mac OS X to use RGB mode for Display
# see
require 'base64'
data=`ioreg -l -d0 -w 0 -r -c AppleDisplay`
coffeemug / gist:6168031
Last active February 3, 2022 23:16
The fun of implementing date support
After spending the better part of the month implementing date support
in RethinkDB, Mike Lucy sent the team the following e-mail. It would
have been funny, if it didn't cause thousands of programmers so much
pain. Read it, laugh, and weep!
So, it turns out that we're only going to support dates between the
year 1400 and the year 10000 (inclusive), because that's what boost
anonymous / gist:5853616
Created June 24, 2013 21:06
import rethinkdb as r
import sys
import threading
import time
from datetime import datetime
from random import randint
from faker import Faker
squarism / rethinkdb_elastic_spike.rb
Created May 13, 2013 03:54
RethinkDB json store, using nobrainer ORM, automatically update elasticsearch index on save callback. This is fantastic.
require 'tire'
require 'nobrainer'
NoBrainer.connect 'rethinkdb://server/company'
class Employee
include NoBrainer::Document
field :name
field :title
btmills / insert_pool.js
Last active July 22, 2019 00:52
Use a connection pool to rapidly insert a large number of records into a RethinkDB database.
var r = require('rethinkdb');
// How many connections in the pool?
// 2547 will fail with "(libuv) Failed to create kqueue (24)"
var CONNECTIONS = 2546;
// Insert this many rows
var COUNT = 10000;
// Database to use for the test
var DB = 'test'
// Table to use for the test
dergachev /
Last active May 17, 2024 02:53
OS X Screencast to animated GIF

OS X Screencast to animated GIF

This gist shows how to create a GIF screencast using only free OS X tools: QuickTime, ffmpeg, and gifsicle.

Screencapture GIF


To capture the video (filesize: 19MB), using the free "QuickTime Player" application:

piscisaureus /
Created August 13, 2012 16:12
Checkout github pull requests locally

Locate the section for your github remote in the .git/config file. It looks like this:

[remote "origin"]
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
	url =

Now add the line fetch = +refs/pull/*/head:refs/remotes/origin/pr/* to this section. Obviously, change the github url to match your project's URL. It ends up looking like this:

lunaru / css3-arrow-dropshadow.html
Created April 25, 2012 23:18
CSS Box with Arrow and Dropshadow
<!DOCTYPE html>
/* Core CSS */
background: white;