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I want to have a goal that I spend a certain amount over a period of time. This will include budgeting but the goal won't be invalidated if I spend money.

Example: Tithing. I want to spend $5,000 out of "Giving" category. The goal will ask me to fund $417 a month toward this, but then it will still say it's good when I spend the $417, because it knows I want to spend that amount of money.

I want a goal to have enough money for multiple transactions a year.

Example: Life Insurance, my wife and I both have it, premium is $500 in May and $500 in September. I'd love for YNAB to just figure that out and so I can put the funding of it on Autopilot. Also, as before, I would like for YNAB to be smart enough to know it's a recurring transaction and thus to consider the goal in GREEN if I spend the $500 in May.

I want to keep a Credit Card fully paid off. Example: I charge a huge business trip in my Business Expenses: Reimbursed category and go past my budgeted amount. I don't have cash for this, so my Credit Card Payments category won't have money in it to pay it off. This goes outside of what I want to do: I want that category to be YELLOW and for it to tell me "You're outside of your goal to have this credit card paid off!!!"

I want to fully fund this category based on past usage Example: Electric Bill - just take the average, give me one month's buffer, and fund it. I don't want to have to think about this, just make my goal that I'll have enough money for this based on trends. In fact this would be a great goal that would even apply to fixed transactions, like Netflix or Spotify, or even a Cell Phone bill. You're just saying: "hey look at what happened and expect that to happen going forward"

I would like to interact with my goals separately - show me a report of missed goals and what they're doing. Showing the goal only in the detail view and then simply having a color works OK but if I'm thinking about my goals, I probably want my own goal-centric view for that.

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