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Reading list for London Bitcoin Devs Socratic on Taproot

London Bitcoin Devs links for Socratic on “Taproot is locked in. What now?”

July 20th 2021

YouTube Live link:

Zoom link (passcode if needed 957503):

Meetup link:

Previous Socratic on BIP-Taproot in July 2020:

Recap on miner signaling (Activation at block height 709632, approximately mid November)

Taproot signaling:

Slush Pool on Twitter:

Alejandro De La Torre (Poolin) on Stephan Livera:

Pieter Wuille tweet on future Taproot related work:

Lessons learnt from SegWit adoption

bech32 support on Optech:

Monitoring Taproot adoption

P2TR address support:

0xB10C graphics:

What does Taproot offer?

Taproot uses (Jeremy Rubin):

Preparing for Taproot series in Optech

bech32m sending support:

Sending to a mainnet Taproot address pre-activation (users should not do this until after activation!):

Riccardo Casatta tweet on mainchain Taproot outputs:

bech32m addresses for Taproot:

Difference between bech32 and bech32m:

Just using the key path:

Just using the script path:

Is Taproot worth it for single sig:

Taproot descriptors:

BIP PR for descriptors: bitcoin/bips#1143

BDK (Bitcoin Development Kit) support for descriptors:

BDK support for sending to bech32m addresses: bitcoindevkit/bdk#396

BIP PR for PSBT: bitcoin/bips#1139

From P2WPKH to single sig P2TR:

Taproot support at exchanges

Supporting Taproot at River:

Using Descriptors and PSBT at River (Optech):

Taproot support in Bitcoin Core v22.0

Wallet support in Bitcoin Core version 22.0:

Spending from a P2TR address on Signet:

Basic Taproot signing support for descriptor wallets (PR 21365): bitcoin/bitcoin#21365

Basic Taproot derivation support for descriptors (PR 22051): bitcoin/bitcoin#22051

Add support for inferring tr() descriptors (PR 22166): bitcoin/bitcoin#22166

Add bech32m output type and wallet support for fetching Taproot descriptors (PR 22154): bitcoin/bitcoin#22154

Future Taproot support in Bitcoin Core

7 new BIPs for output descriptors:

Preparing for Taproot (Taproot descriptors in Optech):

Taproot support in Miniscript: sipa/miniscript#56


2-of-3 inputs using P2TR (Murch):

MuSig module in Elements:

Replace MuSig1 with MuSig2 in Elements: BlockstreamResearch/secp256k1-zkp#131

MuSig2 adaptor signatures in Elements: BlockstreamResearch/scriptless-scripts#24

A Taproot'd Lightning

Antoine Riard on Schnorr, Taproot’d Lightning:

Lightning in a Taproot world (ZmnSCPxj):

Multi-hop locks from scriptless scripts:

BOLT 2 PR to add channel type to opening negotiation: lightning/bolts#880

c-lightning channel type PR: ElementsProject/lightning#4616

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